Gilford, NH: Town Of Cowards!

Posted May 8th, 2014 by Iron Mike

William Baer – a justifiably outraged parent – was arrested at a school board meeting for ‘violating the 2-minute speaking rule’.   It was Stalinism at it’s finest, – thuggish use of raw police power to keep down dissent.
Gilford's cowards sit frozen

To the eternal SHAME of those in the room – they all sat quietly, inert, and submissive as the event unfolded.  Nobody objected?  Nobody budged?

Every damned one of you should have been up on your feet, – blocking the cop – who was “following orders from the school superintendent?” – and making sure that Free Speech was protected.

Gilford's cowards surrender Free Speech

Maybe there are some patriots living in Gilford, – but only ONE (1) of them came to this meeting – and you all sat transfixed as he was arrested!


Even if you liked the damned book, – and disagreed with Baer – you should have stood to defend his right to speak out.  School board chairs do not have a right to impose ‘two minute rules’ on our free speech.

1,343,812 Americans have died in combat to guarantee our right to speak up and speak out against bad government.

And when your moment to act arrived, – you wouldn’t stand up to school board tyranny and heavy-handed police action?  You are unworthy of the blood spilled for your freedoms. You have squandered it! You will live forever in shame!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE: 26 Feb 2015   The saga continues.  The Gilford cops took the case of ‘Disturbing the Peace’ to court – and lost in December.   Now Baer is suing the police department and the cops involved for violating his 1st Amendment guarantee of Free Speech.

4 Responses to “Gilford, NH: Town Of Cowards!”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Mike, May I have permission to reprint your posting and graphics with attribution and link info to your site from and hardcopy it in the May edition?
    Send me a note.

    You’re dead-on.
    Even if this guy is were an ass, he has a right to say something in a stupid, frustrating meeting, and having a guy with a gun and bad ARREST him for speaking his peace is ridiculous overreach that sends a chilling message to all parents who might get upset in such a meeting: BE A SHEEP, DO WHAT WE SAY, OR GET HAULED TO JAIL.

  2. Varvara

    It seems to me that the Chairlady/person of the meeting doesn’t know her constitution; the right of free speech. Nor does she know how to conduct a meeting. The police person seemed to have been given instructions to not let anything stop the meeting. At first the police looked reluctant to interfere. I’ve read the passage from the book, on another blog, and it’s pretty rough. I would not have allowed my 9th grader to read that book and would have been in the principal’s office voicing my opinion.

  3. Catherine

    Folks may also be interested in *this* essay on even deeper issues behind this crap.

  4. paul langford

    when I was a high school student in 1981, out of 5 people with a beer in hand, I was the only one arrested, and the only one from out of state newly arrived. Gilford NH is a scary place where there is a secret code and tribalism is the norm (to be part of the secret club your family must live in the Gilford Laconia area for generations).