George Custer & Michael Flynn

Posted February 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Two bold brave generals who under-estimated their enemies and misjudged the worthiness of their friends.

Both were self-starting men had been previously decorated for bravery,  – who instinctively rode toward danger, never thinking of personal safety,…only about how to close with the enemy.

In the most general terms, Custer in 1876, took a third of his force headlong into an area where he thought he could surprise the Sioux – only to discover a seemingly endless and enormous encampment.

He also discovered that White traders had sold the Sioux repeating rifles,  – while his men were still armed with single-shot trap-door carbines.

Like Custer 140 years before,  Flynn under-estimated the size and location of the enemy.   He has handed the Democrats a temporary victory,….and these next few months will be hell for him….


The Washington Bureaucracy has grown enormous over the years.  They live and eat well,  – don’t work very hard,  – and enjoy lifetime security.  They are almost entirely Democrats.

Trump threatens them in a way the Russians and ISIS never will.

Flynn committed two sins…..  FIRST he got out ahead of his parade and made a phone call to the Russian Ambassador – which ~ may ~ have been a minor technical violation of the Logan Act….(designed to keep rogue citizens from making deals with foreign kings…).

The CIA or the NSA listened in and recorded what was said.

They have a legal obligation to shield the identity of any US Citizen they listen to – until it can be established that espionage or treason is afoot….

BUT whoever recorded the calls wanted to FUCK TRUMP,….so they told the FBI (and most likely the Obama Justice Department – i.e. read Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates).

And ~ somebody ~ began to leak the story.

Flynn’s SECOND SIN was his failure to tell Vice-President Elect Mike Pence the full content of his Russian conversations.

In his defense,  – he may not have remembered every subject he touched on.

Democrats are hanging their hats on the belief that somehow Flynn discussed the Obama Sanctions against Russia – (those sanctions based on the unproven speculation that Russian hacking of the DNC caused Hillary to lose)….

The Washington Democrats and their Left-Wing Media accomplices were giddy with glee, – – they’d just caught a Trump General breaking the law and lying about it.

Conveniently they ignored the fact they’d been handed classified information they weren’t cleared for,…i.e. the very fact we were wire-tapping the Russian Ambassador.

It was a Daniel Ellsberg moment all over again….

“National Security? The LAW?  Fuck that – we’re printing it!”

And so,  drip-by-drip-by-drip, – Flynn was squeezed to the point that he was of no more use to Trump.  

It should be remembered that he started out trying to do the right thing…  Whether he lied to Mike Pence – or merely forgot the details will be argued forever,….but it doesn’t matter today.

EXCEPT that Democrats will try to MAKE IT MATTER!


Thinking of Democrats as a “political party” – was your first mistake.

Try thinking of them as a multi-generational crime cartel – one rooted in slavery, racism, KKK violence, union thuggery, rigged elections, wasteful spending, EBT bondage and Welfare Fraud,  genocide (Indian Reservations, Planned Parenthood, legalized marijuana),  and blatant lies,  – all so that leading Democrat Families (cartel families) can control government spending at every level of government.

What other ‘party’ would run a wheelchair-bound cripple for President – 4 times – and never tell the public? What other ‘party’ would run a murderer for the Senate 6 times – and re-elect him five times…?

What other ‘party’ would look at 76,000,000 American women (US Citizens over age 35) – and pick as their candidate the ONE (1) compulsive life-time liar with a trail of dead bodies behind her (including Vince Foster and the Benghazi Four), and a war chest filled with $100 Million of Arab money…who was clearly suffering from a neurological disorder…?

In the face of their 2016 election defeat,….Democrats have developed some mythology to help them explain and cope…..

MYTH ONE: Donald Trump won because he has had secret dealings with the Russians for years,….and they helped him….

MYTH TWO: Both Obama and/or Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump

MYTH THREE: Trump is essentially a crazy man who might actually start WWIII just to prove a point…..

MYTH FOUR: Trump’s wife Melania used to work as a high-priced escort….

MYTH FIVE: All the people surrounding Trump know he is unstable and are covering for him,…because they’re all racists and islamophobic…

MYTH SIX: Russia is still a major threat, – China is just a trading partner, – and ISIS only kills westerners because we bomb them…..

MYTH SEVEN: The Middle East would be peaceful again if all the Jews would just please move to Argentina, – or maybe Chile…

MYTH EIGHT: Republicans hate anybody who isn’t a White Christian;  – while Democrats love everybody….

(Please…explain how much you love unborn babies…)

With their livelihoods at stake,….and this mythology surging through their heads,…..certain key Democrats broke the law to expose Flynn’s phone conversations,….and are likely very proud of themselves….

My biggest suspicions fall on James Clapper (previously a leaker of record) and Lynch and Yates at the Justice Department…..

Flynn is likely to be hauled before a joint House-Senate committee for a few days to explain his violations of the Logan Act and his lying….

He may wish he could just be cut up and scalped like Custer….

As for the Trump Administration,  his scheduled Address to Congress on the 28th will reveal how deep the Democrat Hatred and Insanity runs….

But hardened by this wound,  – and now fully alerted to the Democrat Evil embedded in the DC Bureaucracy…..Trump will continue to drain the swamp – just far more carefully!

And behind their curtains, – the leakers should know that even their evil secrets aren’t safe.  They will be discovered – or outed. 

Trump and Jeff Sessions won’t be forgiving!

These leakers are going to have a lot of sleepless nights until that knock on the door comes….

7 Responses to “George Custer & Michael Flynn”

  1. Walter Knight

    Obama had just expelled Russians and imposed sanctions after accusing the Russians of hacking our election. General Flynn had a right to try to repair the damage by talking to the Russian ambassador about future relations. It would have been irresponsible not to contact the Russians. Expect four years of this nonsense from the Left.

  2. Varvara

    Obama created Organizing for Action. OFA seems to me exactly like a shadow government. It is very leftist. OFA has 250 offices across the country. Try reading Paul Sperry’s column in the NY Post.

    I thought former presidents were supposed to fade away……

  3. Clinton ma tea party

    Obama throws an old man Bush running a shadow government to take down Trump and to disgrace him at every turn. I view these people as anti-Americans out to destroy our democracy as much as an enemy from another country who hates us. Obama Hillary Bill Clinton Soros Jarrett and the rest of the scum need to be placed in jail on anti-American activities. The media needs to get their ass chewed again. Also some of the intelligence community that have sworn allegiance to Obama need to be weeded out. President Trump needs to get rid of every single piece of scum that is left over from the Obama Administration, he needs to weed them all out.

  4. Sherox

    The problem that I see is that when Democrats are accused, they never back down and they never resign. The Republicans do. It is time for the Republicans to do the same.

    Ii is also time for the Republicans to start dealing with the Democrats in the same way that they deal with us.

  5. Kojack

    So let me get this straight, Eric with-Holder refuses to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Philadelphia and is charged with contempt of court by congress, Timmy Gietner(the tax cheat) thru BATF gives guns to the drug cartels in an attempt to smear law abiding gun owners and gun shops resulting in the deaths of 1000’s of innocent Mexicans and 2 U.S. agents, Louis Lerner weaponizes the IRS to harass and deny non-profit status to conservative political groups, Obysmal says “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” along with Kathleen Sybelius and Jonathon Gruber and create a $6B website that doesn’t work, Hillary Rotten and Susan Rice lie about Bengahzi for months, Hillary Rotten puts classified material on a private, un-secured, un-authorized server jeopardizing national security, Obysmal orders ICE and the Border Patrol not to enforce the law, etc., etc., etc. AND NOBODY IS IN PRISON OR AT LEAST GETS FIRED?!?!?

    Flynn’s resignation is a HUGE mistake. This is how they brought down Nixon, one cabinet member at a time. WHO IS THE NEXT ONE TO GO?!?!?


  6. Hawk1776

    Flynn had to resign. It wasn’t warranted, it wasn’t fair, but it was necessary. Flynn is collateral damage. While draining the swamp Trump needs to root out the vermin. The Dems are entrenched and it will take years before they are gone.

  7. Kojack

    Hawk – Respectfully, I disagree for the following reasons:

    1.) Flynn has 30+ years of distinguished service. His motives, patriotism and hard work(18-20 hour days) are impeccable and he is one of only a handful with the courage to call islam what it is, a military ideology with the goal of world domination and not a religion. He had a target on his back for that and because he discovered all of the side deals in the Iran capitulation(I will NOT refer to it as a deal).

    2.) Other members of the cabinet are now going to wonder if Trump has their back when the going gets rough.


    4.) Since the Oath of Office is not going to be enforced when it is violated, then the DEMOCRAPS need to learn that the other party can run rough-shod over the rules IN FAVOR OF THE COUNTRY THE WAY THEY DO AGAINST IT!