Gabriel Gomez Plunges The Dagger

Posted January 3rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Gives the max $500 to ‘Independent’ [read Progressive Obama-backing Democrat] Jeffrey S. McCormick’s campaign for governor….Gabriel Gomez contribution
RRB thanks the diligence of Bob Eno and Red Mass Group for uncovering this end-of-the-year political contribution on the state’s OCFP website

You’ll remember that JUST last week, ‘Navy SEAL’ Gomez was calling Eno and Worcester Republican Chris Pinto “Klansmen”.    His half hearted apology days later was limp-wristed – and like his new stance on guns – forced by his wife.  Now we know why. 

For his part – venture capitalist McCormick has been a BIG $$ progressive democrat backer

I’ll admit to being mildly surprised by this move; – I was sure Gabe was coddling up to Coakley!

Chair MouseCan’t wait to hear what Kaufman, Kangas, the Mouseketeer, Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito have to say about this latest stab in the back by a fake Republican.

Time to DumpEven money – they’ll remain mute!





7 Responses to “Gabriel Gomez Plunges The Dagger”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Let’s see:
    1. He donated to democrats
    2. He magically ran in a primary against a CONSERVATIVE Republican.
    And spent all his time trashing Republicans.
    3. He lost.
    4. He went on to TRASH Republicans, and now donates AGAIN to Democrats.

    A pattern perhaps? This is the FIFTH candidate to cross from being a lifelong supporter of Democrats to run as REPUBLICANS in the last cycle, POLLUTE the Republican ticket, dump TREMENDOUS money into the race, and thwart a Conservative.

    Once is interesting. Twice is a coincidence. Three times, a reason for concern. Five times, well, watch your backside Conservatives! They’re organized and out to get you and have the MONEY!!!

    Gomez has been and is a liar and a fraud.
    He also, however, has money. And lots of it.
    So, that makes him dangerous.

    Lonnie Brennan

  2. Revolutionary

    Pathetic. And those in the MassGOP that continue to defend him should be ashamed.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Not too sure how we’ll do it, but we really need to clean out the gene pool.

  4. Sam Adams

    Are there still “Republicans” out there who are surprised by this stuff? The MassGOP whines about banding together with anyone who has an “R” in their campaign logo and isn’t a conservative. They get behind them, support them, intimidate the rest of us into supporting them, endorse them, and then when the hammer comes down, they’re surprised by it all.
    Yet, these same stooges will do the very same thing all over again with Charlie Baker and then when he slaps down the conservative wing of the Party, they’ll start whining again.

  5. Kojack

    I’ll support Mark Fisher in the GOP primary but if it comes down to Marsha “it isn’t illegal to be illegal” Croakely, Steve Grossman or nay other dumbocrat vs Baker in the general than I’m gonna vote for Charlie. At some point practical politics has to be considered.

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  7. Jim Buba

    To many, Gomez was a breath of fresh air. MA-GOP National Committeeman, Kaufman, brought him to D.C. and pandered around the most ludicrous strategy.

    Were Gomez to win, it would be a ‘Historic First’.

    Were Gomez to lose, it would be proof positive (to whom exactly is uncertain still) that democrats and liberals are racist for not supporting a Hispanic.

    During that run-off campaign, I spoke personally to each of the Tremendous Trio; Winslow, Sullivan and Gomez. Each of them promised to perform, appear and unite regardless of the outcome.

    Mr. Winslow killed his campaign with the ‘settled law’ argument, which may make sense to lawyers, but indeed is disproved time and again by judges and ballot questions. Certainly if any ‘settled law’ works as advertised -AND- is equally applied, they may rest that case. When any law creates an environment or causes more harm than good to the Common Good, then of course it is unsettling enough to be reversed.

    Mr. Sullivan killed his campaign with the adoption of Richard Tsei’s campaign staff -AND- gross and upsetting language of the Tsei platform. Not wishing to delve further into Tsei’s particular issues here, that choice -PLUS- the unexpected flip over social issues put an end to what should have been.

    Mr. Gomez did not have to speak one word to kill his campaign. It naturally flowed from the results of diligent research of the public realm. It did not hurt that decision to vacate the support when Mr. Gomez’ military record was revealed to have been an achievement without performance of mission.

    Mr. Winslow as a moderate is wrong about ‘settled law’.
    Mr. Sullivan broke ranks with his core support.
    Mr. Gomez is just a SEAL.

    All three also promised to unite behind the victor. They did not so it is time to move along.

    But you all knew that, right? Good