Fresh Terrorism In Canada And France

Posted October 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Media (Propaganda Ministry) will ignore or downplay it,   but 7th Century barbarian thugs are operating world-wide to subjugate you with terror.

It happened yesterday in Marseille France and Edmonton Canada.

At the Saint Charles train station in Marseille the Muslim attacker stabbed two women to death,  – and slashed the throat of a third before being shot by police.

France as you know has been flooded and over-run by Muslim “asylum seekers” – who are really an invading army of barbarians,  – most living on the French welfare system.  The French were blind to the danger for decades,  and are now paying in money and blood.

And last night in Edmonton a goon with an ISIS flag draped across his dashboard crashed into a police barrier at a hockey game – sending a cop flying 35 feet. He then jumped out and stabbed that cop several times before fleeing….

Hours later a goon resembling him was spotted at a police roadblock – driving a U-Haul. He drove off – swerved to deliberately hit bystanders – before crashing and being arrested.

Of course in Trudeau’s ‘politically correct’ Canada details will not be forthcoming.  They’re very quaint up there,….an ISIS flag on the dashboard,….and they say they “are investigating possible terrorist connections…”.


In the 7th Century mentality of these goons – you are less than human,  – to be killed on sight to become their slaves in the afterlife.  There are just three (3) options;  Convert to Islam,  live as a slave paying a yearly tax,  – or be killed – as horribly as possible.

This is NOT evil in their minds,  – they’ve been told since boyhood that God (Allah) expects and demands this of them.


Be ARMED!  Get licensed and CARRY a GUN!   Train your brain – you may have just 1 or 2 seconds to act. Be alert to your surroundings in public.

Be ready to kill any Muslim in sight – if they act in a threatening or hostile manner.

Understand that women are their priority targets – easier victims and sex slaves in the hereafter…

UPDATE:   Mon 2 Oct 2017   The Edmonton attacker is identified as Somali “refugee” Abdulahi Hasan Sharif. Anybody surprised?

UPDATE:    Mon 2 Oct 2017   The Marseille attacker had been arrested the day before for shoplifting.  Had 7 identities – including “Ahmed H”, born in 1987 in Tunisia.

3 Responses to “Fresh Terrorism In Canada And France”

  1. Varvara

    Canada and France….. and Sweden and Switzerland and Spain.

    Everywhere! Yes they like to be gruesome. Read about the nightclub murders. What they did to the bodies was so bad they police did not want to release the bodies until they had a chance to fix them. Only then were the family members allowed to view their loved ones thru a glass with the body under a sheet!

  2. Catherine

    As Varvara says – but add the Netherlands and Denmark as well.

  3. Meat And Potatoes

    I fear we may lose this war out of ignorance.


    If you include ‘Political Correctness’ under ignorance – you’re right! These liberals refuse to speak ill of those beheading them…..