For Our California Friends And Family

Posted October 18th, 2013 by Iron Mike

At RRB we’re well aware that you’re enduring the outrages of Governor MoonBeam.  We know he has ZERO intentions of cracking down on welfare fraud
 – after all,  those voters are his base…
So the question becomes – ‘What is the proper role of government?’   Is it to protect the People and their Liberties;  – or to ensure that layabouts enjoy a comfortable worry-free lifestyle?   Will this be the picture of 21st Century America?
And yes, – Ma$$achu$ett$ is JU$T as bad….

4 Responses to “For Our California Friends And Family”

  1. Sue

    Perhaps there were no comments yet because anyone who watches this would be speechless! And this, my friends, is how we got the Dear Leader. God help us.

  2. Casey Chapman

    This hits the nail on the head. It is EXACTLY what The “Dear” leader wants for all of us. They cannot even come up with a workable website for Obummer care. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

  3. Nana in the Valley (Helene Bedrosian)

    My Grandparents came here 100 years ago. I was born in So.CA and have watched the state change. We are holdouts, Conservatives who are outvoted. CA is the model for the future for O and his minions. It is hard to take but this is our home. Our grandchildren will probably move to TX.

  4. CA Girl

    What also isn’t mentioned is that if one works, the daycare isn’t free, it is just subsidized. So…..there is incentive NOT to work. And why would someone need free daycare if they aren’t working? So they can go get their nails done??

    EBT, at least until recently, could actually be used in casinos in CA to withdraw cash!! Great idea — having people use welfare money to gamble!!