Fat Chicks BEWARE!!

Posted November 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Fat Chick Plan BIn the interest of domestic tranquility – we cautiously report that Plan B [the so-called ‘morning after’ birth control pill that Democrats are determined to let teenagers have] doesn’t seem to work on large ladiesgals over 176 lbs.

Yes, we’re well aware that the headline may seem ~ a little insensitive ~ even crude; – but we’d rather risk that than have any more abortions.

So you PLUS-Size gals, – if you don’t want to be mommies yet, – come up with a better plan!

2 Responses to “Fat Chicks BEWARE!!”

  1. Tom

    I believe that someone once said, “put that pill between your knees and squeeze tight”, for very effective birth control.

  2. Flick

    Bush’s fault.

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