Eric Massa Just HAD To Ask!

Posted March 4th, 2010 by Iron Mike

A career Navy officer turned Democratic Congressman could no longer contain himself.  Overcome by yearnings, love, or lust he forgot the voters of the NY 29th,  and decided to represent his penis. 

Massa seems like an ideal man to represent his Upstate NY district.  A 1981 Annapolis grad, with 24 years on active duty, married w/ kids, cancer survivor, friend of and veteran of General Wesley “Weasel” Clark’s failed presidential bid, he strongly opposed the Iraq war, – actually changing parties from Republican to Democrat.  He campaigned as a centrist Democrat and narrowly defeated two-term Republican Randy Kuhl 51%/49% in a recounted election. 

But the Halls of Congress are not the passageways of a navy ship.  The rules are different – or so they must have seemed to this freshman congressman.  Graft, corruption, deals, and intrigue swirled around him.  Something inside him must have felt liberated.  There was this person – a junior staffer – a male junior staffer.  Just a year into his term,  Eric made his advances.  It seems they were unwanted.  He must have been very persistent.

So his Asst Chief of Staff filed a complaint with the House Ethics Committee – the same group who just found Charlie Rangel guilty.  I guess standards of acceptable gay behavior have changed since the days that Gerry Studds was doing underage pages.  Thus we have Massa’s announcement yesterday that he wouldn’t seek re-election “doctors have told him that he can’t continue to “run at 100 miles an hour.”  He’ll take his Congressional Pension and go home to Corning and try to explain things to Beverly and the kids. 

Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell Works!

My whole point in posting this entry is to point out that our current military policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell!” has been working just fine!   For 28 years [4 at the academy, 24 on active duty] Navy Midshipman and Navy Officer Massa was constrained from overt behavior by the UCMJ.   Suddenly free of that constraint,  and it’s punishments – and in an atmosphere of “anything goes” – he acted out. 

Had this happened aboard ship – or really anywhere in the Navy,  there would have been an expensive and time consuming investigation.  Unit and ship morale would have suffered, and unit / ship discipline and combat effectiveness would have been undermined.  ANY reduction in combat effectiveness could cost lives, engagements, battles, and the outcome of wars

ANY easing of “Don’t ask – don’t Tell!” is an unacceptable risk to our troops, and to our national security.  Eric Massa just proved my case!   Good luck with Beverly Eric.  She saw you through a naval career and cancer, ~ maybe ~ she’ll stick with you.  Maybe.  But maybe she’ll want a $65K /year deal to put up with you – or set you free. 

The poor voters of the NY 29th!  First a shotgun wielding drunk,  then their whore-chasing governor, then their drug-addicted cheating replacement governor,  now a predatory gay congressman.   Eric, why didn’t you just go after Barney?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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