Eric Cantor’s Rude Wake-UP Call!

Posted May 12th, 2014 by Iron Mike

His back-home political ally is bounced – over amnesty!Fred Gruber unseats Linwood Cobb
We all know Eric is a wiz with the budget. With the realities of illegal immigration, amnesty, and the elusive “Hispanic vote”,…well,…not so much.

He allied himself with John RiNO Boehner – in an effort to pass Amnesty this summer and somehow win over the Hispanic vote from Democrats. His lifelong friend Linwood Cobb just paid for it.

Nothing pisses off a REAL Republican more than driving through an affluent neighborhood and seeing all the lawn crews out working – cutting grass, trimming hedges, and raking up clippings – all Hispanic [illegal] workers – likely working for cash.

THEN, to drive through an inner-city neighborhood and seeing young Black men – their pants at half-mast, in gangs, selling drugs, and living off EBT cards.

It is the classic case of FAILED Democratic policies and politics.

THEN,…to reflect on the 364,511 Union soldiers who died in an effort to hold our nation together and free the ancestors of these inner-city layabouts…

The success of the Democratic Party in keeping Black prisoner to their government handouts is galling. That these same democrats – now with RiNO allies like Eric Cantor and John Boehner – want to insure that they’ll never have job opportunities – by legalizing 20 million illegals – drives TEA Party Patriots and REAL Republicans into a seething fury.

Cantor and Cobb

At the Virginia 7th District Convention – Cantor found himself being heckled and booed – and watched Fred Gruber – a TEA Party activist, unseat his long-time political ally Linwood Cobb.

Eric, – if that doesn’t wake you up, – perhaps having a primary challenger will?

This was a part of Eric’s bad day….he’s lost the hearts of the majority – over amnesty.

One Response to “Eric Cantor’s Rude Wake-UP Call!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    The rino’s are progressives, no doubt in my mind. They are big fans of big government and the status quo. As long as THEY are the party leaders, nothing will change. AND——the democrats know it.