Elizabeth Warren? Seriously?

Posted November 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Über-Liberals are beginning to talk about Pocahontas running for President in 2016.  They have three (3) good reasons. 
Class Warfare Elizabeth Warren
They’re determined to elect a woman, – they like the űber-liberal left-wing class-warfare positions she gushes,…and

Hillary Damaged Goods w Monica
they’ve begun to understand just how badly Hillary Clinton is damaged by her lifetime of lies and cover-ups.

So to the far left, – any woman who promises free abortions, – supports Obama without question, – is against guns,  – and who keeps talking about the Middle Class vs the 1% – well, that’s their gal!   You weren’t expecting serious thought from them, – were you?  After all,  they thought Obama-Biden was a great ticket.

So come 2016, maybe a Liz Warren – Al Franken ticket?

5 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren? Seriously?”

  1. Tom

    I am sure that the progressive socialists will fall in line the kool aide drinkers that they are. After all they just elected the first black president, well 1/2 black, and now they yearn for the first woman half breed squaw President and they will have hit for 3/4 of the progressive, socialist cycle. The progressive Republicans will probably support her, but if they don’t, not a cruel word will be said about her because she be a victim reaching for the elusive glass ceiling.

  2. Casey Chapman

    If they do put her up as their candidate—–it seems to me that it would make it easy to put our candidate forth as the ‘reasonable’ candidate. For those few low information voters who haven’t gotten stone cold drunk on the kool-aid. Provided we nominate a descent candidate.

  3. Walter Knight

    It’s Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie. Get used to it. Take sides, there is no sitting on the fence this time.

  4. Hawk1776

    Elizabeth Warren is already in a position beyond her level of competence. Any notion of her being a viable presidential candidate is nonsense. I think the citizens of the US have seen enough of Massachusetts politician.

    The presidential election is still three years off. It’s far too early to talk about anyone as a presidential candidate. Most of this noise comes from the talking heads trying to fill air time.

  5. Varvara

    I believe Hillary fell, hit her head or more likely had a stroke. I’m not 100% sure she would run. If she did perhaps Fauxcahontas also known as Liarwatha would run as VP. Imagine that, two women, no military experience and questionable foreign policy experience.

    Liz and Al? Really Iron Mike. Don’t mention it again please, someone might notice.