Edible Underpants? On Your EBT Card?

Posted March 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Do those really count as food?  How many calories?
Kiss My Lingerie EBT

Just when you think the abuses of government welfare programs [aka Democrat vote buying] cannot get more outrageous – comes a little shop in Gonzales, Louisiana selling very sexy stuff – to EBT cardholders no questions asked!

Flirty Flutter

With a Louisiana Purchase Automated Benefit Card you can buy a Flirty Flutter – for $43.oo, i.e. what taxpayers are paying for two bags of groceries.
Mary Landreiu Kiss my Lingerie

Louisiana’s Democratic Senator Mary Landreiu [already famous for taking $300 Million for her ObamaCare vote] – is up for re-election this November. 

Somebody should ask her if she plans to campaign in Gonzales, – maybe in front of the Kiss My Lingerie shop.
Kiss My Lingerie OPENING

She is a ‘Plus Size Senator’ [~ about ~ an 8 on the Hillary Scale], – maybe she already knows about Kiss My Lingerie?

The question is – in the past 6 years, why hasn’t she done anything to tighten up on welfare fraud?
The Hillary Scale

We at RRB sure hope Bill Cassidy has some tough questions for her!



Well that didn’t take too long!  The state agency – DCFS – quickly changed the RULES about where EBT cards cannot be used.  Legislation to follow…. 

Isn’t public pressure wonderful?
EBT Rules changed

3 Responses to “Edible Underpants? On Your EBT Card?”

  1. Tom

    If we call these “hot pants” perhaps they could not be purchased with an EBT card much like cooked lobster or crawfish! Let’s face it the EBT card can be used to purchase anything, just stop by your local or distant ATM, withdraw some cash and you are free to shop until you drop. Waste, fraud and abuse be damned, just another way to redistribute the wealth and buy votes.

  2. Walter Knight

    You’re so insensitive. Don’t you know plus sized edible granny pants could feed a family of four?

    Democrat senators up for re-election in Republican states should be vulnerable in the mid-term elections. I am more optimistic now of taking back the Senate than I’ve been if a long time.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Seems to me, we had a controversy over EBT cards being used for tattoos. Given the choice, I’d take the underwear.