Echos Of Ruby Ridge And Waco

Posted April 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

There’s nothing quite like a team of government snipers on your ridgeline to validate the worst fears of Freedom-Loving Americans.
Snipers on the Ridge

There is a 30+ year long dispute out west – in Bunkerville, Nevada – over grazing rights on “federal land”.   One of the biggest issues is how the federal government got the land in the first place, i.e. was the seizure legal, – or an illegal over-reaching land grab?

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The next issue is grazing rights on that land.  Are ranchers required to pay for it – and how much?

Cliven Bundy and son

Rancher Cliven Bundy stopped paying grazing fees 20 years ago – claiming the land was his from an original Mormon Land Grantpredating Nevada becoming a state.  Maybe he should have claimed to be a Native American?

Constitution or Paycheck

The Bureau of Land Management [Dept of the Interior] says they want to “preserve the land”.   With sniper teams?

So for days now the ranch has been cut off and surrounded by federal SWAT Teams – as helicopters round up his cattle.

Sally Jewell SecInterior

This entire operation is being conducted under the authority of Secretary of the  Interior Sally Jewell.  She is the British-born former CEO of REI, and a heavy Democratic Contributor.

Harry Reid and NevadaNote too, that Nevada is the home state of Senate Majority Leader “Dirty Harry” Reid, – who hasn’t lifted a finger to stop this.

If this escalates – if an American Citizen is shot by a government agent,…we might well see open guerrilla warfare across much of the desert west.

4 Responses to “Echos Of Ruby Ridge And Waco”

  1. Tom

    I have also read that this is also about the “saving” of an obscure land tourtise. With the amount of Goverment vehicles, helicopters and personnel if they would only act with such force along our Western borders, the illegal immigrants and their enablers may have second thoughts. I agree that should this turn to violence revolution may be just around the corner.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The secretary of the Interior is in her position ONLY because of the contributions she has given to the Democrat party. REI has great camping gear, but t hey are over priced, and really don’t care about their customers, especially if you are not a member.

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  4. Kojack

    Bundy should claim that he only grazes undocumented cattle.