East Point, GA: Section 8 Mob

Posted August 11th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Obama is winning this battle.  This is a photo of the 8 – 10,000 people who crowded the Tri-Cities Plaza in East Point Georgia [Atlanta area] to get applications for Section 8 Federal Housing Assistance [rent assistance].  This program is available only to low income folks – i.e. earning under half the “median income” – which for East Point is $32,000/yr.

Why is Obama winning? 

Because with the economy depressed, unemployment high, and no hope in sight until at least 2013,  these folks will fight and stand outside all night for a chance to live on the Government Plantation. 

Imagine what lower taxes and a bustling free-market economy would do for this area!

But with each succeeding generation born into hopelessness, and trained to expect the government to pick up the slack, – here to literally house them – the culture of America – the culture of the rugged self-reliant individual is being trampled under the desperate feet of the mob.

And if any of you are looking at this and thinking racist thoughts, – forgetaboutit!   If unemployment goes up another 5% or 6%,  this scene could be repeated in your town.  And you should be fearful, because this is EXACTLY the scenario that the Soros-Obama Cartel have been pushing us toward.  Wait for the October surprise.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Oh, did I mention that Georgia has a VERY high population of illegals from Mexico and countries south of there?  Yes,  illegals do take jobs Americans would be willing to take.  So you pay for BOTH groups.

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