Dysfunctional Obama On The Ropes

Posted March 3rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

The price of arrogance has come home to roost!Dysfunctional Obama w girl
The foreign-policy ‘expert team’ of ObamaBidenHillary – and now Kerry, – together with Susan Liar Rice and Victoria ‘Potty-Mouth‘ Nuland, – have utterly destroyed all faith in American intentions,  in American resolve,  – or even our ability to keep secrets.

Suddenly former allies like Britain are mocking Obama,  while world leaders won’t bother taking his calls.   They can count his failures as easily as we can

Upon coming to office, Obama scrapped a missile defense program with Poland and the Czech Republic, – leaving those two allies looking at Russian strength and American weakness.

VP Village Idiot failed to negotiate a status of forces agreement with Iraq – so we withdrew.

Obama and Hillary sided with the unpopular Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and then Syria.

Obama and Hillary lied about Benghazi, but the world understood the truth about the massacre.

Obama failed to get the North Koreans to stop their nuclear bomb and missile program, – and worse, – failed to get the Chinese to help.

Obama failed to negotiate a status of forces agreement with Karzai in Afghanistan, – alienated him, – and has now announced our imminent pullout – leaving the country to the mercies of the Taliban.

Kerry totally bungled both his attempt at an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Accord, AND – he made a joke of trying to stop Iran’s race for a nuclear bomb.

In several places in Africa,  Obama dispatched only token forces to deal with brutal Al Qaeda guerrilla forces who continue to kill Christians.

The president who spent much of three years making speeches with troops standing in the background – has totally failed to use them effectively, – has weakened them by first ending DADT, – and last year by ordering women to be allowed to serve in combat units [without Congressional authorization].

Two weeks ago – in a masterful screw-up of timing – EVEN AS Russian troops were massing on the Ukraine border, – he announced massive cuts in our force structure – to pay for ObamaCare.

And direct from the Theater of the Absurd, – a week ago ‘War Hero’ Kerry was lecturing Southeast Asia on the dire threat of Global Warming [hoping to win a Nobel Prize], – while we were being buried in massive snowfall.  Putin watched the Olympics, readied his army, and giggled.

Vladimir Putin knows he has nothing to fear from President ObamaCare. 

The fool who can’t even build a working website has neither the brains, nor the courage to stop him in the Ukraine, – or anywhere else.

The fool who won’t even drill his own oil, – won’t even build the Keystone XL, – won’t dare stand up to Putin – the oil and gas exporter!

Obama – who refuses to defend our Southern Border – won’t lift a finger to defend Ukraine’s border!

If we can take Obama at his word, he has succeeded mightily – at fundamentally transforming us from the leading world power and the once-mighty force for peace. 

We are now a puny shadow of ourselves, at about the level we were in the 1930s – i.e. unable to stop the rise of Mussolini, Hitler and the expansion of the Japanese Empire. 

Just look at the price the world – and we – paid for that weakness under FDR.

Yes, 10 years of gas and oil sales have paid for the rebuilding of the Russian Army and Air Force.  Their navy will be next.

But that alone doesn’t account for the reversal in the balance of power.

The change is that in 5 short years Obama has WEAKENED the US MILITARY – by getting rid of fighting generals and promoting political lackeys. 

Worse, he’s treated traditional allies like shit [Egypt’s Mubarak is a perfect example] in favor of thugs like the Muslim Brotherhood. The result is that allies no longer trust him – or us.  Obama has remade the world order!  Today Putin and the Chinese are calling the shots.

So where will Obama fly to next on Air Force One – to make another inane speech about ObamaCare and the jobless recovery…?

6 Responses to “Dysfunctional Obama On The Ropes”

  1. Flick

    When the going gets tough, it’s time for the Moron-in-Chief to head out and campaign for some of his faithful. Between the Ukraine speed bump and the Lois Lerner headwind he’ll tread some water until he can trump up another domestic trivial issue. NOT THIS TIME! I feel it’s finally showtime. Kerry is way out of his ivy league, what will it take to recover our respect? I fear that’s not going to happen in my lifetime any longer.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    John Forbes (Lurch) Kerry will be off to Kiev tomorrow, if the airport is open after today’s DC snowstorm. Will he lecture the Ukrainians on the dangers of global warming as he did recently in the PAC Rim or will he threaten sanctions against the Russians and try to frighten Putin? Do you really believe that Putin cares about the US, the EU, the UN or NATO? His mission is gage reconstitution of the “Evil Empire” and to control the natural gas pipelines that transit through Crimea. Kerry should be more concerned about his carbon footprint, because this trip to Kiev is a big waste of time and only another potential platform for another stupid statement.

  3. Wally

    The problem here is bigger than just Russia and the Ukraine. It is bigger than Muslim expansion. Don’t forget that China is equally exansionist. Expect them to start annexing some of the “disputed” islands.

  4. Walter Knight

    I wonder what would happen if China threatened Taiwan? The world is on its own, we will not help.

  5. Casey Chapman

    There is no good option for us to get involved. I hate to say it, but there it is. The one thing we could do, would be to ramp up the fracking, and sell natural gas to the europeans to tamp down the price of natural gas and oil in europe, therefore taking away some of Putin’s power. That would only be a temporary solution.

  6. paul

    Hope you morons like your change because you sold your country out. But I’m sure it made you feel good.