Drug Cartels Boldly Threaten American Cops

Posted May 25th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Mexican Drug Cartels leave two billboards – with blunt threats and hanging figures alongside Interstate 10 in El Paso Texas.
Silver or Lead
Just three years ago
– May 11th 2011 – Obama went to El Paso to mock Republicans for wanting the border sealed. “They want a moat – with alligators in it…!”

So Wednesday night  21 May 2014 the drug thugs of Juarez sent their crews across the boarder to send a very public message to American Law Enforcement. Plata-o-Plomo means take the Silver over the Lead – or “take our bribes – or die!”

They even over-posted a billboard offering a $5 million reward for Cartel murderers!

Dying for Drugs

Yes Mister Obama – we still need that moat. And the Alligators!

El Paso

And we need you to STOP TALKING about making 20,000,000 of these Aztecs legal here!

There are TWO PROBLEMS with THAT Mister Obama:

1.  They came here ILLEGALLY from a backward and totally corrupt socialist country. Once here legally they will expect free stuff from the government – and each one will then bring in 20 – 30 relatives, and

Obama and Holder2.  With Black unemployment at an all-time high [40% for young Blacks] – poor American kids living in our inner cities will NEVER have an opportunity for even an entry-level job!

Being a cop can be a really lonely scary job sometimes….

It gets a LOT worse when high-placed government officials don’t have your back, – and even seem to be working against you.

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One Response to “Drug Cartels Boldly Threaten American Cops”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Obama doesn’t care. He takes American blacks for granted, and appeasing the illegals. Standard Operating Procedure for him. And his minions, the main stream press, just play along, because he’s Their magic negro.