DOJ / FBI Leak-Fest Continues

Posted June 14th, 2017 by Iron Mike

There is ZERO honor in the Swamp.

Even if this witch-hunt had even a whisker of truth,  – it should be TOP SECRET.   But career Democrats in Government feel any lawbreaking is ‘justified to get Trump impeached’.
Trust the Wash Post and CNN to gleefully spread the story!  
Does this signal that Democrats have given up looking for Russians under Trump’s Bed?

4 Responses to “DOJ / FBI Leak-Fest Continues”

  1. Kojack

    “Does this signal that Democrats have given up looking for Russians under Trump’s Bed?”

    All they did was substitute obstruction for collusion with a HEAVILY BIASED INVESTIGATOR AND HIS HAND PICKED BIASED STAFF. This is not good and it is the price Trump is paying for not going on the offensive right from Inauguration Day.

  2. Alan Matthews

    This “rain hell on Trump” campaign is getting me nervous. First, allegation after allegation are being made, investigations begun, and conclusions being made publicly through ignorant Libs in mainstream, all based information from anonymous sources and hearsay.

    This I could handle considering in the end we all get a fair shake, and without evidence, will prevail. Right?

    Not from what I can tell. A fired James Comey leaks info to the press after being canned (and publicly embarassed, disgruntled?) Info, which even amateur legal minds say won’t stand up to an “obstruction” case. Comey, for all intents and purposes, fails to admit he felt obstructed. All the while, one of Comeys best friends, BEST friends, is previously made special prosecutor whom promptly announces an investigation into obstruction. If nobody sees the writing on the wall, I’ll write it now: everything seems to happen through a partisan filter, as will Muellers investigations. Mark my words.

  3. Blog Maggot

    So the non-partisan thing after the shooting lasted less than 24 hours,

    All of the investigations are being run by Republicans. Mueller is a Republican appointed by Bush. Why do you keep blaming all of this on Dems? They have no power in the House or Senate.


    Are you REALLY that fucking stupid and simple-minded? You are clearly a product of union school teachers.

    Many so-called ‘Republicans’ in Congress – like Boehner and Ryan for instance, – aren’t Republicans at all. They are CAREER POLITICIANS – in it just for themselves – and have SOLD OUT to the power donors.

    They want Trump to fail just as much as Soros and the Democrats do. He upsets their life of selling votes and favors….

  4. Alan Matthews

    Bi partisan sank with pelosi’s comments today in my opinion. As far as Meuller, republican or democrat, law requires a recusal if a personal relationship exists within the investigation.

    Half dozen times a year they have Meuller/Comey family dinners. It doesn’t take a constitutional lawyer to point out the conflict. Meullers best friend (Comey) cowed to Lynch’s obvious “obstruction of justice” to call it a “matter”, and we just heard about this. Is it too much, especially in an arguable witch hunt, to get an investigator without a personal connection to the source of the accusation? Especially, again, since said accuser came out only after he was fired?

    I imagine we are having a discussion, a debate if you will… But where the law is clear, not arbitrary, it clearly defines recusal requirements for relations such as these.