Does Jesse Jackson Need Another Payday?

Posted November 17th, 2016 by Iron Mike

I’ve never trusted anything this man said,  on face value,  – EVER!
Does he hope any pardon for Hillary will include his son Jesse Jr and Daughter-in-Law Sandi…?

It’s pretty clear that this aging race-baiter understands that Hillary may need a presidential pardon in the next 65 days….

Smells to me like Jesse is looking for another big payday – some of that Clinton Global Initiative money to ease his retirement…..

Odd he doesn’t have a list of Black Chicago Criminals who Jesse feels are worthy of Presidential Mercy,…

….but then,…they don’t have access to the BIG BUCK$.

Clinton Global Initiative w faces

3 Responses to “Does Jesse Jackson Need Another Payday?”

  1. Hawk1776

    Jesse is a one trick pony: push the race card for personal benefit. He’s been relatively silent until recently. With apologies to MacArthur, ‘twould be best for him to just fade away.

  2. Vic

    Rhymin’ Man better hope there is still some money left in the Clinton Foundation after her legal fees!

  3. Paul J Baldi

    Pardon her for what? She never admitted to any wrongdoing.
    Is Jesse now saying that she did? She has never been
    indicted or convicted, so please tell me what would she
    be pardoned for? Very interesting. Jesse may have opened
    Pandora’s box with his big mouth.

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