Does Hillary Have Advanced Parkinson’s?

Posted September 8th, 2016 by Iron Mike

At least one Medical Doctor thinks so,  and he lays out his findings in a 16-minute video.
You’ve already seen much of his evidence,  Doctor Noel just helps connect the dots….  Go ahead and watch.  You’ll pick up a little medical knowledge – and some new words.

With just 59 days before the Nation votes,  – is there any chance that BOTH candidates will submit to medical exams?

Now imagine having a president going into seizures – routinely,  – and who cannot stand the routine pressures of the office and the news cycle…


IF Doctor Noel is right,  – and she has been covering up her condition,  – this is a lie even bigger than Benghazi!



QUESTION:   How many Democrats – sworn lawmakers and executives – secretly know and are actively assisting in the cover-up?

4 Responses to “Does Hillary Have Advanced Parkinson’s?”

  1. Varvara

    Thank you Dr. Noel. Thank you Mike. We all have suspected this for some time but now her condition has made known so well that it is now hard to deny the evidence.

  2. Mt Woman

    If true, this is truly frightening–what an October surprise this would be!!

  3. oldsailor84

    I am a person who has cataplexy episodes from time to time. In a severe attack I lose all muscle tone, and if not already seated would fall to the ground. Simultaneously I lose the ability to talk ,and everything I try to say comes out slurred. I also feel a strange tingling sensation throughout my body. These attacks are sometimes triggered by APPREHENSION, OR LAUGHING. I see a physical similarity to what Hillary is experiencing. I have read that a connection has recently been found between Parkinson’s, and Narcolepsy. I can no longer drive a vehicle either, because if an episode occurred I would not be able to steer the vehicle. For a time I was treated with PROZAC. It seemed to work quite well.

  4. red white&blue

    Hi Mike. Thanks for publishing this. I’ve heard about it but finally got to listen to it and see the details.
    Clearly, Hillary Clinton is not physically fit to be President of the United States.
    Go Donald Trump!!!