Did Obama’s Toads LIE To The FISA Court?

Posted January 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

There is a smoking gun pointed at certain high-ranking members of the Obama Cartel,  and the members of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees have seen it!

Certain Democrats should be putting their financial affairs in order.  Others may have to be Arkancided….   Somebody is going to crack and talk!

4 Responses to “Did Obama’s Toads LIE To The FISA Court?”

  1. Mt Woman

    WE can only Hope! My guess is that the Obamanites, a collective band of thugs, liars, murders and thieves, will continue to get cover from the swamp and will once again skate freely to continue taking Liberty away from the American people.

  2. Sherox

    The key is to follow the money.

  3. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    Who is found dead tomorrow? Podesta. Huma, Wiener, Bill Clinton, Jerrit, Comey, Muller, Remember the Bush boys are deep in this also.
    How much rope will we need for all these Traitors?


    Let’s reuse the same rope – time and again…..

  4. Glen

    Where the hell are the fisa judges in all this corruption obama,holder,lynch,hillary,comey,strzuck,mccabe,clappet, STRING THE M-th-r F-CKE—S UP