Did Bill Clinton Sink Sink?

Posted March 12th, 2014 by Iron Mike

A good guy – David Jolly – won the Florida 13th Tuesday.  Obama’s hand-picked Democrat – Alex Sink – came up short in a 3-way race.  Did Bill Clinton’s hands-on campaign style remind Democrats too much of past nightmares?
Bill Clinton just too cozy

Jolly: 48.5%
; – Libertarian: 4.8%; – Sink: 46.7%   Sink ran on ObamaCare, while Jolly ran on old-fashioned Republican principles – small government, and getting rid of ObamaCare.   I think there’s a lesson there for Republicans across the land.

Pinellas County [i.e. the 13th CD] has seen an influx of retiring union employees from the Northeast – i.e. likely lifetime Democrats.

Alex Sink with proven liar
But, they are most likely Harry Truman / JFK Democrats, – not Obama / Hillary Dems, – and are most likely turned off by the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz, and our national horn-dog.
Clinton & Sink together

Did Bill and Alex appear just a bit too cozy together?

Alex Sink and Bill Clinton

Did Bill – the teenager who never grew up – do more harm than good?

Hillary's ass

You know I just captioned this picture to piss of liberal women!

3 Responses to “Did Bill Clinton Sink Sink?”

  1. Walter Knight

    You’re not being fair. Clinton has reformed himself. Notice his hand is on Sink’s shoulder, and not her butt.

    Although, it does LQQK like he’s about to give her ear some tongue action. Well slap my grandma, go for it Slick Willie!

  2. MC

    Maybe folks are starting to wise up but–
    Just very happy that

    SINK sank SUNK !

  3. Casey Chapman

    There are some folks that are Starting to wake up. The 20 somethings, for example. We need to keep getting our message out there and do all we can to wake up the rest of the voting public.