Deval’s Health Connector: “Amateurish!”

Posted March 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Another of Deval Patrick’s high-profile AA/EEO appointees has FAILED!
Scathing report released by consultant MITRE Corp…details Murphy’s Law working overtime – just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!  Just another ‘anecdote’ on Deval Patrick’s road to the White House?
Mass Health Connector Deval Patrick

Once again Taxpayers fall victim to Deval Patrick’s burning desire to advance and promote females of color.   Jean Qing Yang – born in China, schooled in China, then at UnivMich and Harvard Biz School – had Z-E-R-O software or web development experience when Duh-val put her in charge.

Now the ‘experience’ she has is ALL BAD!

The Boston Herald just got hold of the MITRE Report.  Deval should resign, but he has no shame.

The connector doesn’t work – after $56 Million!  People assigned to the project didn’t talk to each other.  THEY N-E-V-E-R TESTED IT!!!    WTF!?!

As a result a backlog of 50,000 paper forms await input [2 hours each].

And all THIS – in the state that INVENTED the internet?

MIT undergrads could have built that website – in their SPARE TIME!

While we ~ might ~ sympathize with Deval Patrick’s desire to place minority females in positions of authority, responsibility and power, – he has a record of picking the worst available, – the most unqualified, – and in some cases the most unethical females available.  

His wistful social experimentation – on our tax dollars – must stop!

Now the QUESTION:   Jean Qing Yang – will he nominate her to a judgeship?

5 Responses to “Deval’s Health Connector: “Amateurish!””

  1. Tom Gilroy

    There must have been a world wide search to find this genius. Schooled in China, then she must be a ChiCom, after all the children of China and as a girl she is fortunate to be alive, they are often aborted. Most likely she was brainwashed with the Moaist ideology, just perfect for the Patrick administration.

  2. Michael W Dane

    My coworker has been trying to get his family signed up. Estimated cost for family of 4 is $410 a week with a $12,500 deductible. Yesterday he was told that the website was down, check back in June.

  3. Casey Chapman

    You must understand one thing—–Duval fancies himself as the Dear Leader, so—-he models ALL his policy decisions, if we can call them that, on Obama. Note the website debacle on the federal level was caused by their giving the no bid contract to a buddy of Mooochelle’s. Same with all O’s appointments. The more money you give, the higher the position in government. And, as we all know, once you get a job with the state/feds, you never get fired. Witness the hot mess at the DCF.

  4. Hawk1776

    There is absolutely, positively, no way a FOO (Friend of Obama) will be elected President. Actually, FOOL (Friend of Obama Liberal) is an appropriate tag for Duval.

  5. Jim Gettens

    And the Devoid Patrick ‘Anecdotes’ just keep on coming… According to today’s Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Moody’s Investors Services downgraded the UMass Memorial Hospital System’s credit rating to “the equivalent of junk bond status” after last year’s $55 million operating loss. Last year RomneyCare, the model for NOBamaCare, cost the UMass Memorial system $140 million in health insurance payments for its employees.

    Thanks for this fiasco go in part to Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito, among other so-called Massachusetts ‘Republicans,’ who supported passage of RomneyCare in 2006…

    At my last count a while back, our brilliant Massachusetts legislators had tucked 53 mandated coverage categories into RomneyCare, making Massachusetts health insurance premiums highest in the entire U.S.

    Where do we get these morons, and the multitudes of moron voters who keep returning them to office???