Deval Patrick Gets Out-Bungled!!

Posted March 30th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Deval’s broken health connector cost us $65 Million.  But he’s been TOTALLY OUTBUNGLED by Maryland Governor O’Malley’s $125.5 website“totally broken beyond repair”!
$125 5 Million Failure
BOTH GOVERNORS gave the job of building these über-expensive boondoggles to TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED AA/EEO WOMEN!

I’m being harsh?   Think about it:  – neither female executive had A-N-Y experience building software systems or web-based applications.  We taxpayers are expected to pay for their learning curves?
 Maryland Health Connector broken

Deval made the deal with Canadian firm CGI to build the Mass Connector for $69 Million – says they’ve only been paid $15.9 Million.  Whew!?!  We’ll see,…someday… 

CGI is the very same Michelle Obama connected company that blew the national site the HHS Sec Kathleen Sebelius failed to do any quality control or testing on prior to it’s failed launch. 

Maryland picked a Fargo, ND company [because there is so much software being developed in Fargo?] – Noridian Healthcare Solutions – to build their system for $50 Million.  Noridian’s expertise was in processing Medicare claims.  

Governor O’Malley gave the task to his LtGov – Anthony G Brown [a lawyer and Army Reserve JAG], who was going through a whirlwind romance and second marriage when key decisions were being made.  

Rebecca PearceThey gave the executive job to Rebecca Pearce – who had Z-E-R-O qualifications in building web-based systems.   Now the systems has been deemed TOTALLY BROKEN, – after $125.5 Million…

Rebecca Pearce:  background with BlueCross/BlueShield in marketing, – later Director of Benefits Administration at Kaiser Permanente:

“It’s not very often you get a chance to change history, we’re going to fundamentally change the way health care is delivered in the state.”

“We’ve built the present, wrapped it, and now we’re trying to put the bow on it.”

Pearce made a quick departure in December – after she took a Caribbean vacation in the midst of the failed rollout.

So then they hired a software expert?

OH HELL NO!!   They brought in a LAWYER!
Brown brings in Quattrocki

Carolyn A. Quattrocki – Law degree from Yale, – clerked for a federal judge appointed by LBJ, – lifetime Democratic hack, – knows NOTHING about software or web design

In three short months they decided to pull the plug – and buy the system developed in Connecticut. 

Nice going Connecticut! 

Charge them an arm and a leg!

I AM LEFT ASKING:   How could so many Democrats,  – in state–after–state,  screw up the same essential task,…unless they were all doing it on purpose?

Did I mention that Oregon’s site is also hosed?

2 Responses to “Deval Patrick Gets Out-Bungled!!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I am sure they all received specific direction from the Administration and those geniuses at HHS. This whole debacle was designed to fail. There ultimate goal is total control and single payer. The insurance industry be damned, the government in control and the taxpayer paying the whole tab. Just watch those premiums and deductables skyrocket. Here is a fundamental change that will wipe out an industry, put more unemployed on the street and totally destroy the world’s best healthcare system.

  2. Casey Chapman

    They think with their emotions, not their brains. What else should we expect???Hmmmmmmmmmm?