Democrats Just Wasted 219 Days!

Posted June 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

A long hot summer is upon us,  – yet for these past 219 days Democrats have spent their time bemoaning the November 8th election outcome,  – trying to overturn the results,  looking for Russians,  – and now trying to find cause for impeachment….

NEVER ONCE in those 219 days did Democrats look at their festering inner cities.

Why would they,  – the next election isn’t until 2018

Until then they can forget about what’s going on in their Black communities.  They always do, – until they’re on fire.

RACISM takes many forms….

Calling a Black person a ‘Nigger’ is racist,….even using the word in conversation is considered a social sin.  Somewhere,  – somebody will find objection to it even in the context of this blog….

Denying a Black person a job they’re qualified for – and holding that job open until a white person applies is racist…

BUT damnit,…so is handing out EBT cards to the third, forth, and fifth generation of welfare recipients – with no requirement for workfare.

And so is maintaining sub-standard inner city schools staffed by unqualified and unmotivated Black teachers,  – just to placate the demands of the race-baiters.  It condemns yet another generation to grinding poverty and street crime.

So where have the Democrat politicians been for these past 219 days….?

Talking to reporters at CNN and ABC and MSNBC about how Trump is a liar,  – and how he sold out to the Russians…?

Crying over how Hillary is the ‘rightful winner’…?

Demanding that Trump not build the Wall,  – or curtail Muslim immigration,….knowing full well that every Mexican and every Muslim here means a Black American Citizen will not be hired?

How many Democrats have you seen cheering for Black Lives Matter and the violent AntiFA gangs?

The Dem insiders understand the game plan – a country wracked with summer race riots will make it difficult for Trump to get anything done.  Nationwide chaos is the Soros game plan.

The stupid Democrats – aka the ‘Useful Idiots’ – don’t fully get it,  but they can be programmed with talking points and sent out to issue sound bites.  They’re the expendable ones,…they just don’t know it,…yet…


America’s First Woman President was supposed to be keeping the Mexican Border wide open,  – bringing in 100,000+ Muslim refugees’ per month,  selling more Uranium to Russia,  and then being video-taped with her pea-brain VP Tim Kaine in the situation room dispatching the 82nd Airborne to Baltimore and the 101st to Chicago….

.while issuing an Executive Order closing all gun stores…. “for the public safety”.

Folks, if you think the Dem insiders are just pissed off because Trump won,…you’re really not seeing the bigger picture.

She was to be the figurehead in the Progressive takeover of America. Now they have to find a way to hobble or remove Trump until 2020….

Watch for clues….. Why is Fox going over to the Dark Side…?

The Baltimore PD is on mandatory 12-hour shifts, – even as cops are quitting, – and nobody wants to join that force under their current city leadership…. Can you say “Federal Takeover”?

One Response to “Democrats Just Wasted 219 Days!”

  1. Catherine

    schumer and soros DO believe in our Constitution: they understand fully the HUGE danger it poses to their goal of leftist takeover of this country. THAT is why they work so hard to undercut it.

    I wish there was a way to help the inner-city blacks see that the dhimmicrat party WANTS them -and actively works to make and keep them – MISERABLE. While spewing platitudes of “helping the disadvantaged” every policy they pursue does exactly the opposite. Heaven help the d’s if the inner cities ever do wake up.