Democrats In Denial: So Funny To Watch!

Posted December 14th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Neither Democrats or their Propaganda Ministry can admit the key fact;  – Hillary Clinton was a lousy candidate,  – a compulsive lifelong liar with blood on her hands!

So now it’s everybody else’s fault…..

This time last year – at the unofficial start of the campaign year,…there were 76,000,000 American women – all natural-born US Citizens over the age of 35 – eligible to be elected President.

Tens of thousands of these women are people of remarkable accomplishments and proven leadership,  – without a hint of scandal or treason…..

.yet Democrats could only see their compulsive liar…?

And despite 100 years of vote-rigging and ballot-stuffing,  – Hillary was so detested by everyday Americans – that she lost?

A war-chest had $100,000,000 of Arab moneyand she lost…?

Really Democrats – just how bad does that bitch suck?

With all that sniveling coming from the Left,….I may quit this blogging gig and become a highly paid grief counselor….

  “Show me where it hurts Little Darling…”

And these people actually believe that THEY are the ‘smart ones’….

6 Responses to “Democrats In Denial: So Funny To Watch!”

  1. Reverend E. Raleigh Pimperton III

    As the punchline of the old joke goes, “The dogs won’t eat the stuff.”

  2. Hawk1776

    Hillary has historically been a bad candidate. She should have beaten Obama in 2008 but didn’t. She should have beaten Trump but didn’t. She spent over $1B and still lost. Her health should have prevented her from being nominated but the Democrats were complacent and nominated her anyway. She concentrated on the east and west coasts and ignored the rest of the country. “What difference does it make”? The difference between winning and losing. As someone said, she has surpassed Martha Coakley as the worst candidate ever.

  3. MC

    Sorry I couldn’t watch more than 20 seconds of that video. We all know if the reverse had happened and Hillary had won the electoral college etc — there would be ‘crickets’ from the media. We deplorables would become more unintelligent & doltish had we broached the possibility of hacking and if anyone protested much less rioted –the National Guard would have been summoned.

    When the National Enquirer has more journalist qualities than the “Fake News Story” papers, it is a dismal day for the press.

  4. Mt Woman

    Trump will get the needed electoral votes next week, but will do so with the insidious implanted thread that his Presidency is illegitimate. This was some of the same tactic played in 2001 when George W Bush became the 43rd. I still hold the believe that this national distraction was part of what set the stage for our security vulnerability on 9-11. A national and foolish distraction can open us up to terrorism.

  5. Kojack

    That video validates that you can’t fix asshole.

  6. Christopher Maider

    There seems to be a shift in the rhetoric. Still the same tried and true lines but now, you can see the look in all their faces that they know that we know they are full of shit

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