Democrats Desperate Search For A Martyr

Posted March 8th, 2017 by Iron Mike

In the ongoing legislative battle between Republicans to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare,….you need to be aware of a sinister Democrat plot.  Once you grasp this concept,…some of the maneuvering will begin to make sense.

Remember the entire concept of Democrat Politics is based on victimhood,  – where only the Federal Government can save you.  It is evil,  degrading of the human spirit,  and essentially debases and enslaves whole swaths of poor and under-educated Americans.  We call it their Black Voter Plantation.

Deep down most Dems know that ObamaCare is a piece of shit.  It was never intended to “provide quality healthcare”,  – it was intended to empower the Democrat Party and big government for the next 50 – 100 years,  much like Social Security and Medicare have.

Remember it added Z-E-R-O new doctors, hospitals, clinics, or labs….  We call that a CLUE!

But it added taxes, regulations, new agencies,…more FEDERAL JOBS!  Another CLUE!

And if you are one of the few who got to keep your doctor,…count yourself very lucky.

Democrats always expected to “fix ObamaCare” by shoveling in more money – your money.   After all, when they control your stents and by-passes,….they control your vote!

But they overplayed their hand – first with Obama and then Hillary….and they are for the moment the party out of power. But not out of evil and spite.

So on one hand they’re trying to smear the Trump White House with bogus stories about a “Russian Connection” – even if that means leaking state secrets and committing federal crimes…..

.and they’ll do ANYTHING to stop the repeal of ObamaCare.

And if they can’t stop it,…they intend to make Republicans pay for it politically – for the next 40 years…. 

They need a compelling Martyr!

Sadly,….most so-called ‘Republicans’ in Congress have morphed over the years into quivering cowards,…mortally afraid of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi,….and maybe even Senator Squaw….

They’re seen the mighty power of their Propaganda of Victimhood in action – the ability to swing up to 30% of the votes in a general election.

They’re well aware that Obama and Cartel did a masterful job of convincing 30% of the least-educated voters that free (or low-cost) government health care is “a human right”.

Damn tough to argue or even discuss the concepts of individual responsibility with inner-city single-mother families who have been living on welfare for 5 and 6 generations.   They expect free shit – or they’ll burn down their cities and overturn police cars.

Democrats are now hoping (maybe a few even ‘praying’) that Republicans will handle this process in a clumsy fashion – where there is a G-A-P between Repeal and Replace!

Then they’ll find that “Precious Martyr Maria”,  – an adorable little girl – about 5 years old – who will need an operation….badly,…..

.but who will somehow fall through the cracks – because of those greedy heartless Republicans,….and not get her life-saving operation in time….and die….

If the Democrats can make this scenario play out,….if Republicans are stupid enough or clumsy enough to give them the opening,….

.it will be the start of the Summer of 2017 Race War…..

So be a little patient as the legislative process plays out,…and pray yourself!

After all, we’re expecting political cowards and sell-outs to suddenly display wisdom, courage, and selfless patriotism…..

3 Responses to “Democrats Desperate Search For A Martyr”

  1. Kojack

    More than anything else, OBYSMALnonCARE, AN UN-AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, WAS A MASSIVE RE-DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH which is why a couple in their 60’s was required to carry maternity coverage, single men were required to carry breast implant surgery and contraceptive coverage and working people had $5K-$6K deductables on average, where-as the ILLEGAL INVADERS(POTENTIAL FUTURE DEMOCRAPS) AND THE PLANTATION DWELLERS GOT EVERTHING FOR NOTHING.

  2. Kojack

    It was also a way for Obysmal to take over 1/6 of the economy with which to exert control over the electorate. THE GLOBALISTS WHICH INCLUDES MOSTLY DEMOCRAPS BUT AN INCREASING NUMBERS OF RiNO’S ARE TRULY EVIL.

  3. Jpgriffin313

    I like your site. Thanks