Democrat Sign Thieves Show Desperation

Posted November 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

When their party’s nominee is a proven crook,  – and their political ideas – like ObamaCare,  – are discredited and bankrupt,…there’s little left in the Democrat’s playbook but the old standbys – thuggery and thief.
So Betta Stothart and Amos Goss got arrested for pulling up Trump signs in Maine.

First it was Betta – with two girlfriends,  – who were ‘just so mad at Trump over his treatment of women’ – that they calmed their PTSD by pulling up over 40 Trump signs.

Don’t you just love how Democrats cope with difficulty?

Betta wasn’t taking her arrest lying down, – NO SIR! She wrote a lengthy tome in her local paper explaining her outrage at Trump – and trying to justify her ‘momentary rage’:

“There were so many Trump signs up and down our main drag — it was destroying all sense of equilibrium in our community.”

Yup,  you read that correctly:

After acting on impulse and in anger,  – this middle-age Maine mom attempts to justify her vandalism and theft – publicly in the local newspaper.  

They have no shame – that gene is missing….

The fine is $250.oo PER SIGN!

Portland ad agency executive Amos Shirley Goss wasn’t worried about ‘equilibrium’ – he was “…upset about the view of the marsh…”.


Goss became angry when his kids asked about the Trump signs along the highway.

The creative artist and nature lover within Amos burst free, and he pulled up 14 of the offending signs. He insists it wasn’t ‘political’ – he just thinks they shouldn’t be there blocking the view….


Funny how this ‘nature lover’ never thought about explaining our American exceptionalism,  – our Free Speech,  our Free Elections,  or how government works to his kids.

Nah! Easier to act on impulse!

Democrats are the party of whims, whiners, hurt feelings, victims, and bullies.

They steal elections signs as easily as they steal ballot boxes,  – and your tax dollars.

They are the criminal enterprise which has enabled the criminal cartels like the Kennedy’s,  the Bushes,  the Carnahans,  the Udalls,  the Bulgers,  and the Clintons to thrive,  – untouched by the law.

In past elections the local police in many jurisdictions might have looked the other way as Republican signs were stolen.  

Not this year!

This year cops are fully aware that they’re being targeted opportunistically by Black Lives Matter,  by drug lords,  and by Muslims.   They understand that Hillary is sympathetic to the cop-killers;   while Trump wants to build the wall.

Damn few cops will be voting Democrat this year!

In these final 6 days before Election day,  – expected angry frustrated DemoCRAPS to commit wholesale vandalism, – and outright thuggery on Election Day.

It’s all they have left,  – it’s all they know.

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  1. Mt Woman

    Someone needs to find a safe space with her bottle of whine!!!

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