Democrat Bruce Braley’s Sexist Chick Ad

Posted June 7th, 2014 by Iron Mike

His first not-so-subtle political ad implies Republican Joni Ernst [Iraq war veteran] is a “Chick”!
Bruce Braley Chick ad

Really Bruce?
How many troops have you led into a war zone? None you say?

Bruce Braley with Nancy PelosiOh, – you’re one of Nancy Pelosi’s faithful sock puppets,

a House Democrat with a 100% pro-abortion NARAL rating.

Bruce Braley frat boy

You’re a fraternity boy – turned trial lawyer, – head of the Iowa Trial Lawyers – and Pelosi’s faithful servant since 2007.

You voted FOR ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, – and you’ve DOUBLED our National Debt since coming to Congress?

You made such a fuss during the ‘Government Shutdown’ about the lack of towels in the House gym – that Jimmy Kimmel mocked you on national TV.

That’s a hell of a record to run on Bruce.

Bruce Braley with Obama  SEIU Colors

And you have the nerve to imply that a Lieutenant Colonel, – an Iraq war combat veteran, – is a “Chick”?

Are you going to tell us next about the “Republican War on Women”?

You can call Bruce at (202) 225-2911 or (319) 287-3233 to enlist in his “Chick War”

But we’d rather have you sign up to help Joni Ernst!

FOOTNOTE:   [provided by our hard-working night shift]

Braley is quite the piece of work; – went down to lobby Texas trial lawyerslooking for election funding, – bragged that he’s been fighting TORT REFORM – for 30 years! Someone caught him on cell-phone video.
Braley BRAGS he's against TORT REFORM

[Funny – he felt at ease in a room full of trial lawyers?]

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  1. Casey Chapman

    A new low for the Dumbo-crats.