Delusional Obama: His Denial Is Scary!

Posted December 7th, 2016 by Iron Mike

To the troops at McDill AFB:   “We should take great pride in the progress we’ve made over the last eight years.  No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland.”

Mister pResident,  exactly what medications are you taking?   Even these young troops have a much better grasp than you do.

Long gone are the days when Obama used to use troops as the backdrop for his speeches.   Now they get herded into their seats by their officers,  – and cautioned about any outbursts…..

They know, – relief is just weeks away….Trump is coming!

Here is a partial list of terrorist attacks during these past 8 years,…and Christmas 2016 is still to come…..

1 Jun 2009    Little Rock, Arkansas

10 Jun 2009    Washington, DC

21 Oct 2009    Sudbury, MA

5 Nov 2009    Fort Hood

25 Dec 2009   Detroit, Michigan

18 Feb 2010   Austin, TX

4 March 2010   Alexandria, VA

1 May 2010    NYC

27 July 2011    Killeen, TX

6 Sept 2011   Carson City

15 Apr 2013   Boston Marathon

18-19 Apr   2013 Watertown

16 Sep 2013    Washington Navy Yard

2 April 2014    Fort Hood

25 June 2014   East Orange NJ

23 Oct 2014   NYC

3 May 2015    Garland, TX

16 July 2015    Chattanooga

1 Oct 2015    Roseburg, OR

3 Dec 2015    San Bernardino

12 June 2016    Orlando

17 Sep 2016    Saint Cloud

17 Sep 2016   NYC

11 Oct 2016   East Hartford

28 Nov 2016   Ohio State

Folks,….as frightening as it is to watch this exercise in denial by Obama,….and to know this sick soul is holding the nuclear trigger…..

….I take some comfort in believing that even the political generals who still occupy key seats,…have enough common sense and patriotism to keep us safe for a few more weeks.

It will take several more decades for the full history of thee past 8 years to be known.   Some witnesses will be eliminated,  – others will survive to write books or testify under oath.

Remember how long it took to learn about
all of Kennedy’s illnesses and mistresses?

Eventually America and the world will come to understand just how detached and unstable this Obama creature has been.  

For these next few weeks he’ll keep finding opportunities to ‘write his own report card’ – and he’ll remind us how much smarter than Bush he has been.

6 Responses to “Delusional Obama: His Denial Is Scary!”

  1. FLICK

    And, ‘ISIL’ is decimated? Every time I hear him say ISIL all I hear is his condescending opinion of me, Joe Six-Pack.

    I truly hope his legacy will be dragged through the streets come January.

  2. Jim Buba

    Ah, too true, sadly.

    No Terrorist attacks in the U.S. under Obama.

    ((READ: No Terrorist attacks by Republicans, Veterans, Senior White Citizens, Tea Party members or Christians))

    Don’t you feel better now?

  3. John Pagel

    The first terrorist attack occured when he was elected president the first time.

  4. 11-Bravo

    Obongo, Biden, Carter, Pelosi, Reid, and Killary are PROOF positive of the necessity of requiring complete mental health testing prior to taking and holding office. The Chicago “Man’s Country’ member is completely delusional or is hitting the crack pipe too hard. The lies sometimes leave me speechless in astonishment.

  5. Mt Woman

    He believes that if he puts out the truth as he sees it, delusional as it is, the main stream media will accept it as stated and run with it.
    Talk about fake news, this is out-and-out fantasy. But, sadly, no one cares anymore, as long as the Dems come out looking good and Obama is seen like an exemplary leader he will go down in history as a success.

  6. Raymond Smithson

    How do I hate thee, let me tell you, but I don’t have the time.

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