Delusional Kerry Hunts Peace Prize!

Posted January 5th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The Neville Chamberlain of our Time!  Kerry’s pathetically conspicuous quest for a Nobel Peace Prize – to bolster his 2016 [or even 2020] Presidential Candidate résumé will cost countless lives across Europe and the Islamic world.
Like Chamberlain 75 years ago,  Kerry wants to be seen as a ‘peacemaker‘ – to add to his phony  ‘Vietnam war hero’ image – SO BADLY – that our enemies are eager to appear to give him a deal.

It suits the enemies of Western Civilization to have either a traitor like Obama or Hillary, – or an utter fool like Kerry in positions of influence and power – such as SecState or President.  So they’ll gladly build up his résumé and give him a few meaningless victories. 

They have ZERO intentions of slowing down their quest for a dozen working atomic bombs – enough to start the war they as Twelvers will bring on Armageddon – the End of Days – when the Twelfth Imam  – the ‘Hidden Imam’ – will appear,  smite their enemies,  and open the Kingdom of Heaven to the Shia – the ‘True Believers’.

Kerry the Foolplays right into their wicked plansObama is laughing!

And so are the Israelis – at least some of them – who took the time to mock Kerry is this video.

When our traditional allies are mocking our SecState, – you know the Obama administration has screwed things up royallyWas it ineptitude, stupidity, or malice?

4 Responses to “Delusional Kerry Hunts Peace Prize!”

  1. Harry

    Why not? The peace prize became meaningless when Obama got it…

  2. Casey Chapman

    We need to get in touch with the swift boat veterans who outed Kerry the last time. Have them be ready to remind America what a phony Kerry is. Given the fact that they re-elected the current resident of the white house, though, it may be futile attempt. The current generation of low information voters don’t seem to care about morals.

  3. Catherine

    It’s rather an insult to Neville Chamberlain, though — he at least *thought* he was doing the right thing. He was WRONG — but he actually believed it.

    Lurch (as you so aptly name him) is just looking to aggrandize his stature.

  4. Kojack

    A 2nd period of Dark Ages approaches but this one will last much longer.