Dear Lord Thank You, Thank You!

Posted November 9th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Our Benghazi Dead have been Avenged!
Once again God has smiled upon our young Republic!  America’s forgotten middle class and our long-abused union workers have revolted,  seen through the lies,  – and overturned the Clinton Cartel and their allied corrupt left-wing media.  Our long national nightmare – the Obama era – is almost over!  Dear God,  you have answered our prayers.  Now we must prove ourselves worthy!

11 Responses to “Dear Lord Thank You, Thank You!”

  1. MC

    Thank You Lord and Bless our Republic !

  2. Leonard Mead


    Your tireless efforts to expose the democrat corruption and champion the greatness of the conservative principles and policies of Trump have been a major factor in Trump’s victory — for we, the people, of the greatest country in the world.

    Our American motto, “In God We Trust,” has proven true. Our beautiful Republic will continue to exist and thrive — a country of laws — NOT men.

    Thank you.

    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative, Apollo Beach, FL

  3. Danna Palmer

    Perhaps the media and Hollywood will realize that we do NOT aspire to their standards. Bravo, Trump/Pence. Thank you for the opportunity to regain our footing as a nation.

    Most of all, however, as a MarineMom whose son gave his life in Iraq, I am relieved that our sons’ lives were perhaps not in vane. Our troops’ valiant fight for the freedom of the Iraqi people is avenged to some degree by this victory.

    God bless RabidRepublican for boldly publishing the TRUTH for those who dare to read it.

  4. Varvara

    Now we have to put our beautiful country back together. It seems that not only HRC was shocked but many of the smart, sophisticated New Yorkers were also shocked. They couldn’t believe that she lost. Too bad they didn’t know how to listen to the people, those who were fed up with all the sneaky, underhanded behavior of both Clintons.

    I can’t wait for the trials to start. Orange is such a lovely color for Hillary. Does anyone think 0bama will pardon her before he leaves? How much more damage can 0 do before he leaves?

  5. Hawk1776

    This was a shocking victory. I thought Trump became a much better campaigner over time. He is a quick learner. His margin of victory was paper-thin and it’s my sincere hope that he can begin to reunite this country. We should be Americans first; Republicans or Democrats second.

  6. Kojack

    Thank you, God, for allowing America to have another opportunity to regain her virtue and greatness. Today is a great day in America and the world. Now lets get to work. This is just the beginning and it ain’t gonna be easy but we can do it!

  7. Catherine

    Now the REAL work starts. The establishment *republicans* still hate Trump – and the dhimmicrats despise and loathe him. They will band together to oppose EVERYTHING Trump wants to do, like they (specifically the rino’s this time) never stood against o.

    We will have to be vigilant and aggressive in burning up the phone and email lines to the legis-vermin in DC, demanding they support the changes we, the People, elected Trump to implement!

    Praise God for the opportunity to DO this work.

  8. Mt Woman

    AMEN Mike. Take time today to thank God and also Donald Trump for taking on the challenge of righting the nation under God. There was no other candidate of the original 17 who could have vanquished the Democratic wave and machine. Anyone who is surprised at Donsld’s tenacity and brillance as a taçtitian need only read “The Art of the Deal”. It is like reading a crystal ball. He only goes after winning deals and he is fearless in using his gut instinct to sense the pulse of the direction and behavior he needs to employ to achieve his goal. God bless you Donald Trump, God help you Donald Trump, God Bless America!

  9. GreenBeretLTC

    OMG! I can’t find CNN on DirecTV (not that I ever watch it….). Did Trump’s election cause the Clinton News Network to implode?

  10. Clinton ma tea party

    I am listening the to all these left-wing reporters in the media and never Trump people and former Hillary supporters people like Karl Rove Juan Williams Megyn Kelly and that idiot Carvel. And a lot of Massachusetts nevertrump politicians who have nuts even said the name Trump for about 2 years but now this speaking all about him how great he is. The part that disturbs me is all of these an American bastard are calling that Trump has to work with the other side Trump doesn’t have to work with anyone we’ve tried working with the other side before and when we do it seems like all the little things get past and put through but no conservative things get done.

    I truly believe God has given our country a second chance our final chance. And we better take note and act on it. Our job is to not work with the other side but dictate to them how they are going to act and how it’s going to be how we are going to go back to the America that we all knew before all this liberalism and socialism corrupted our country for liberalism and socialism is without God.

    Liberty, Freedom and conservatism is within God’s teachings. We must not hesitate to speak out against any liberalism we here and even bash it out of existence. The 1960s radicals are done we have dealt with them for too long destroying our country now that we have our country back we need to keep it and protect it we need to put up the Ten Commandments in front of the courthouses we need to put God back in the schools and we need to kneel and thank him everyday for our Good Tidings and blessings in this country.

    The main thing is we must eradicate liberalism and socialism once and for all on this Earth and inside our country not work with the other side they will obey us we will lecture to them and they will follow what we say. God Bless America

  11. KDK

    Hey William Clarke…

    Going to chime in?
    Want to talk about 270 or even 274 now ?