David Brock Will Buy Trump Dirt…Maybe…

Posted September 16th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Democrats are running so scared this week that their outside hitman – David Brock of Media Matters and Correct the Record – both super-pacs attempting to get Hillary elected – is advertising for fresh Trump dirt.
He put the offer right on CTR’s website.  He wants video, photos, or audio recordings which can be verified.  David understands the world of lawsuits

You see,  David has been at the political hit-piece business for decades,  and he was once a conservative. brock-with-gay-lover-james-alefantis

But it was either the Potomac Water, the DC nightlife,  – or a series of gay lovers….something took him to the dirty side.

He’s currently ‘dating’ Washington Pizza Parlor owner James Alefantis,  after fighting in court with his former 10-year lover William Gray for 5 years.

So Brock needs “Good Clean Dirt” on Trump – quickly.  He’ll pay top dollar if it can be verified,  because he understands that if it’s tainted,  he could be the target of Trump’s formidable legal teams.

The recent Hulk Hogan $140 Million (Bollea) vs Gawker judgment – leaving Gawker no options but to file bankruptcy – will weigh heavily on Brock’s decision to use any sketchy information somebody tries to sell him….

Brock likes living in comfort….


BTW,  as a PAC operator, Brock is ‘supposed’ to have no actual contact with the Clinton Campaign….

Do you think there’s a chance in hell that he’s making this move without her permission?


Hey David, – how sick is the Old Bitch?

SO PONDER THEIR DESPERATION:  Trump has been one of the most public,  – most interviewedmost documented man in modern times.

If there was anything bad out there the media hyenas would have pounced on it already.

When they found a former girlfriend last year, – they thought they had something,  – until she told them he was a perfect gentleman, – and ‘amazing’ in bed….


Given all the rumors about Obama,  Michelle,  and Hillary,….at least with Trump we can be damned sure he isn’t gay!

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