DANGER! Bill Gates Involved!

Posted March 14th, 2014 by Iron Mike

You just KNOW something stinks!  The $76 Billion Dollar Liberal has never had your best interest at heart!
 Bill Gates 80 Senators
Thursday night he met with an alleged 80 US Senators [gee,  I wonder what they want?] to ‘solve America’s problems’?  What?  Like the way he built up Microsoft – buying little start-ups with better technology – to kill them off?

Bill Gates is the driving force behind the poison known as Common Core.

He sells this poison as “a way to improve education across the land”.   But in fact it dumbs down our kids, – replaces real critical thinking about social issues with garbage readings.

For instance, Tom Sawyer is presented to students in the new politically correct format – i.e. no ‘Nigger Jim’. 

That single act robs students of the chance to understand the sweep of history, – to understand how times have changed, – and to think about what life was like in 19th Century America.

So what’s in it for Gates?

Over the next 20-30 years,  Gates could easily triple his fortune as the world begins to abandon printed books and all information is in digital repositories – edited at the political whims of a tiny elite.

The trick is to condition a generation or two of school kids to accept what they see on their computer screens as fact. 

SnopesToday, many well-meaning folks will consult ‘Snopes’ to see if something they’ve seen on the internet is accurate…. 

They fail to realize that this ‘fact-checker’ is owned by George Soros. So much for any facts critical of the Obama Cartel…

Now, the man who has spent millions to design a nation-wide program to dumb down our kids, – wants to enlist 80 US senators in his plan?  What could possibly be wrong?

Imagine an America…where the majority of voting age people accept – without question – everything they see on a computer screen – particularly from a government website…

Common Core and ObamaCare

Remember enough history to recall the days when big steel and the railroads were accused of secretly running the US Government?   Then it was the auto industry and big oil?   Then it was the ‘military-industrial complex’….   Remember when they broke up Ma Bell?

Do NOT trust Bill Gates

REMEMBER: If the Obama-Soros Cartel had ever really wanted the ObamaCare website to work, – all they had to do was call Bill Gates…   So, why didn’t they…?

Bill Gates Selling Common Core

5 Responses to “DANGER! Bill Gates Involved!”

  1. Walter Knight

    I look at Bill Gates as more of a self-made American hero. He may be more liberal than you or me, but most people are.

    One positive change in American technology is happening at Amazon. The invention of the Kindle eReadder and eBooks breaks the monopoly the Big 5 New York liberal publishing establishment has had on what we are allowed to read.

    Small publishers now have a market for their books. E-books are a substantial part of our future. Like cable and satellite TV destroying the monopoly of ABC, CBS, and NBC, Amazon has destroyed the monopoly of the New York publishing elite.

    Because of computers and technology we have more access to information than ever before. Whether youth use that access to educate themselves to supplement their schooling is up to them.

  2. Kojack

    Walter, great comment and perspective.

    One thing puzzles me though. As you correctly pointed out we have more access to more info than ever before – so how could so many people be fooled into voting for Obysmal when the truth was out there for anyone who cared to look?

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  4. Casey Chapman

    The reason most people are more easily fooled, is that the public schools are no longer in the business of education. What they do now, is indoctrination of Agenda21 principles.

  5. Walter Knight

    How are so many people fool when there is so much information out there? You know the answer. Explaining that is what this blog is all about.

    Liberals infiltrated our high schools and colleges even back when I was a mush-mind. It continues. But, at least now we are able to exercise our freedom of speech to get the word out that not everyone agrees with their new science or revisionist history. That’s what this blog is all about on most issues.

    How does Obama fool people? Race will always be an issue in America. People are voting their race before checking the facts and issues. However, as the public educates itself, hopefully trends will change even as demographics change. No matter what happens, the internet is an information beacon of hope not just for America, but for the world. Governments try to manipulate the internet, but no one can control it.