CRAY-poe Or Crap-O; He’s A RiNO!

Posted October 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Imagine, with a Harvard Law Degree,  – he’s been drawing a government paycheck since 1984!  That’s 32 years!  Supposedly a life-long Mormon and Republican,  when the Billy Bush Access Hollywood video emerge,  US Senator Mike Crapo decided very publicly – that ‘he could no longer support Trump’.
Now Idaho Republicans have issued him a stunning rebuke:  for refusing to support the will of the VOTERS;  – the voters have abandoned him!  Ouch!

Could these past 23 years in Washington, – drinking that Potomac Water – have caused him to shift loyalty,  – from his home state to his fellow liberals in the Senate?


Ted Cruz won the Idaho Primary with 45% (20 Delegates) and Trump came in second with 28% (12 Delegates).  Trump went on to easily win the Convention.  The People had spoken….

…so when the liberal media got ahold of the Access Hollywood tape….suddenly Crapo was crapping in his pants.

As a ‘good Mormon’ he couldn’t be associated….?

Maybe he thought everybody had forgotten hid DUI arrest in Virginia back in December 2012…. But his ‘Holier-than-Trump’ attitude wasn’t going over very well….

The Idaho County Central Republican Committee:

idaho-countyDonald Trump has been chosen by the Republican voters of this country to represent them in our bid for the White House this year. Mr. Trump is their choice based on rules established by the Republican Party. He is our nominee. He represents the wishes of the Republican Party – not you as a Senator, nor others such as Mr. Romney nor the Bush family – he was chosen by us to represent us.

It was extremely disappointing to hear three days ago that you decided to no longer support Donald Trump as the Republican Candidate for President. As a Republican, you are expected to espouse certain ideals that all of us have in common. While many of us do not agree with positions you have taken in the past, still, as a Republican, we have been willing to support and sustain you in your position as a Senator from our great state.

However, with your announcement that you would no longer support Mr. Trump, in our opinion, you have relinquished your right to be associated with the Party we represent.

Effective immediately, the Idaho County Republican Central Committee will provide neither physical nor financial support to your effort to be re-elected. We will not distribute signs or other campaign literature on your behalf. Those of us who have put signs up for you, will remove those signs.

You have lost our respect as a Republican and feel you are no longer worthy of the title of ‘Republican’ that we proudly wear.

That is probably the most politely-worded spanking I’ve read since the one signed July 4th 1775….

6 Responses to “CRAY-poe Or Crap-O; He’s A RiNO!”

  1. Raymond Smithson Sr.

    Exactly how I feel about the RNC and all other turn coats to country of the free and the brave.

  2. Eileen Uhlenkott

    How could YOU do this? Don’t be surprised following election that you have lost
    Your position in Congress.

  3. Eileen Uhlenkott

    My sentiments reflect the opinion of our county. Very disappointed you have taken this position. I would suggest crossing over and your joining the liberal party. They have radical ideas and generally behave untrustworthy. Now they have started behaving as non-christians. Shouldn’t we be concerned about out religious rights?

    A disappointed Republican,

    E. Uhlenkott

  4. Catherine

    GOOD for Idaho County. Many more counties (and towns and cities) should follow suit.

  5. Kathy Rose

    Dan and I escaped the occupied territory of MA to the freedom loving state of Idaho.
    This is proof that if you are in DC too long…you morph into something unrecognizable. We see our Rep. Labrador heading down the same path.
    But the Idahoans will not stand for this. Our own Central committee will be making a statement in opposition, as well.

    Stay strong you conservatives stuck in the liberal east. And those like the Roses, fight everyday out west!Progressivism is trying to take over even out here. With help from a small core, we beat the school board, we took out two of three old establishment state reps, and we have a great Sheriff who will stand against the Feds.

    God bless this country and its people.

  6. Sherox

    This is exactly what needs to happen here in Massachusetts and all over the US.

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