Cop Killer Nabbed In Rhode Island

Posted September 14th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Rhode Island State Police SWAT Team captured a young goon early this morning – wanted in the shooting death of a North Carolina Police Officer.
At just 23 years old,  Irving Lucien Fenner ~ could have been ~ Obama’s missing son…, OR,  just another Black man with a wasted life,  – thanks to the false promises of the Democrat Party.
Remember he was just 15 when Obama came to office.


Officer Tim Brackeen was a 12-year veteran cop – and dog handler, – married with a daughter.  He was attempting to serve a warrant on Fenner,  when Fenner shot him.

Before falling,  Tim managed to get a round into Fenner,…who eluded capture and got as far as Coventry, RI.


Yes, North Carolina still has the Death Penalty!

2 Responses to “Cop Killer Nabbed In Rhode Island”

  1. Sherox

    What is needed is real hope and change.

  2. Mc

    Respect for yourself and others has vanished.

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