Congre$$man Michael Grimm Goes To Court

Posted April 28th, 2014 by Iron Mike

And it’s a sad day for the Republican Party. Jesse Jackson Jr. we could all understand; – he’s as dumb as his daddy.  But Michael Grimm?
Michael Grimm $1 million
He’s a former Marine and Gulf War veteran, ex-US Marshal, ex-FBI agent who worked on bringing down the Gambino crime family, – and an attorney.

So why would a guy like this hide $1 Million in restaurant receipts – and go down for tax evasion?


So in this mid-term re-election year, Michael will be shuffling back and forth between Washington, Staten Island, and the US Courthouse.

And the Democrats will get to hold him up as a “tax cheat”. LIFE LESSON: One “Aw SHIT!” can wipe out a lifetime of attaboys!

2 Responses to “Congre$$man Michael Grimm Goes To Court”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I’d be willing to bet, that the democrats will busy little bees, looking through the pasts of all republican candidates, trying their best to smear the reputation off all.

  2. Walter Knight

    The Feds can trump up technical charges on almost everyone. What makes this case suspect is bringing it in a Bronx court. Bronx juries are a slam dunk for convicting republicans and evil corporations, no matter the evidence. It won’t be a fair trial.

    These ‘Duke lacrosse’ type cases are a sham.