Commie Mayor Can’t Draw A Crowd

Posted October 17th, 2016 by Iron Mike

NY City Commie-in-Chief Bill De Blasio was ‘campaigning’ for Hillary in Toledo.  He didn’t draw much of a crowd.  He was harping on the standard commie theme of “Make the Rich pay their fair share!”
He drew polite smiles from the assembled Komrades…

We know Hillary is sick,  weak,  and taking time to rest and study for Wednesday night’s debate….

…but how sick and how desperate is she to haul out this 6′ 5” lifelong cop-hating commie?


Go ahead,  count the attendance…

Hey Bill,  did you think to bring theater tickets?

2 Responses to “Commie Mayor Can’t Draw A Crowd”

  1. Catherine

    I counted 23.

  2. Mt Woman

    I wouldn’t cross the street to hear him read my name as a lottery winner. He’s just another progressive goon–no wonder Donald is trying to get his family out of NYC and to fortress White House.

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