Coming To A White House Near You!

Posted January 19th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Many young Americans have never known what class and dignity look like.   This is long overdue!

2 Responses to “Coming To A White House Near You!”

  1. Ron Motta

    Indeed! Boy, they look like they stepped out of central casting, don’t they????Only difference is that they are FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!

  2. 11-Bravo

    It is sure going to be nice, not to have to look at the ‘Man’s Country’ Kenyan Dictator, Divider in Chief Treasonous Traitor and his he/she 1st Wookie. Let’s not forget Valerie ‘The Rat’ Jarrett and the hordes of man hating, full bull dyke, Rosie O’Donnell looking, plus-plus sized diseased mind carpet munchers who the fairy in chief put in charge of just about every federal agency, and who have decimated those agencies. Clue number one to the racist in chief and his 1st Wookie; being a bull dyke, angry, obese, man hating lesbian IS NOT a qualification for leadership.

    Goddamn, only about 8 hours to go. The thing that scares me is what more damage and what else can he fuck-up on the way out.

    Hey Moocher Moochelle, don’t let the front door of the White House hit you on your ample ass on the way out.

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