Cocktails With Commies….

Posted October 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike

   …the very geniuses who know how to manage your low-cost health care…
Cocktails with Commies

2 Responses to “Cocktails With Commies….”

  1. Tom

    When will we receive an apology from Miss Niki for the lies she repeated in the Town Meetings and Congresswoman on the Corner episodes? In all of her campaign debates for her last two reelection campaigns she continued the lie. If this wasn’t bad enough she continued to parrot the ACA talking points sent down by the administration and the House Minority Leader Ms Nancy. These commie conievers have ruined the world’s best health care system, but they all retain their gold plated plan and their staffers receive subsidies. Inside the Beltway Coccoon things are wonderful, elsewhere it sucks!

  2. Casey Chapman

    Too bad Fox News couldn’t have slipped a little truth serum in those drinks and then had them hold a news conference. Just kidding, but it Sounded good, didn’t it?