CNN’s Anderson Cooper Baits Trump

Posted August 27th, 2016 by Iron Mike

For 11 minutes CNN’s chief Hillary fan tries to bait Trump,  – Donald holds his own,  – proves he can think on his feet,  and doesn’t take the bait.
Trump interviewed by Anderson Cooper
When can we expect Cooper to grill Hillary? Yeah, right…

Anybody getting their news from CNN these days is willfully and deliberately staying ignorant,…i.e. they’re Democrats.

There are two stories embedded in the video. The first is the über-liberal Cooper [who is openly gay] trying to find a story – any thread of a story – that Trump is softening his positions….

The second is Trump standing up to a seasoned liberal reporter – and not letting him dominate the interview.

Watch toward the end – where Cooper’s “Panel” attempts to spin Trump’s words – to minimize the damage….

This is the propaganda they think you’re dumb enough to accept as ‘journalism’….

OK Cooper, – go do an 11-minute stand-up interview with Hillary.

See if she can even stand unsupported for 11 minutes, – without teetering or having a seizure.

Now if Trump is willing to do an 11-minute stand-up interview with a long-time left-wing partisan reporter from a hostile network…

…shouldn’t the “World’s Smartest Woman” be willing to do the same thing,  – have an 11-minute stand-up interview with Bill O’Reilly,…or Sean Hannity,…or even with young Peter Doocy…?

Don’t hold your breath!   Her campaign wizards are convinced she’s winning on name alone,  – without the annoyance of actually doing interviews.

The QUESTION Hillary faces:   HOW will she survive a 2-hour TV debate?

FOLKS: If you have kids or grand-kids – it is URGENT you explain carefully the real difference between honest journalism and this left-wing propaganda machine that is trying to fill their heads.

3 Responses to “CNN’s Anderson Cooper Baits Trump”

  1. Sherox

    Unfortunately, Mike, they are so brainwashed already that they cannot understand the subversive nature of the “journalism” of this election, or comprehend that the government could be anything bad, and they could not care less about politics. The indoctrination has been very thorough.

  2. Vic

    Cooper got a spanking! And not the type he likes!

  3. William Clark

    So one time Trump doesn’t say something stupid – Where are the headlines? Is this the core of the new campaign, Trump is showing he can hold back his own stupidity.

    Great tactic, let’s see if it holds.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Tell us Bill – about your heroine – the Killer of Benghazi….

    Blog Maggot Bill Clark