Climate Change “Pajama Party”? Really?

Posted March 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

They gathered, – the dumbest and most cynical Democrats, – thirty (30) MoonBat senators spent last night holding a “Climate Change Slumber Party” – an all-night talkathon designed to awaken America to the looming dangers of rising temperatures.
Climate change senators 

We wonder if they saw the photo taken last week at Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls Frozen Over

Or if they remember the Chinese icebreaker that got stuck – in summer ice – trying to rescue a research ship stuck in Antarctic ice…?
Chinese icebreaker stuck

Don’t kid yourselves,…most of these MoonBat Buffoons don’t really care about ‘CO2 or Climate Change, – they want to keep the Senate Democratic – so Obama won’t be impeached next year.

Senate Show & Tell

This is all a distraction from the failures of ObamaCare,  the low employment numbers,  – the NSA Wiretapping, – the IRS Targeting, – and right now, Obama’s glaring foreign policy failures.

Warren and Markey

Yep, this is all just political smokescreen!

4 Responses to “Climate Change “Pajama Party”? Really?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    What these moon bats really want is a carbon tax similar to the one that was voted by the House in 2007 with the support of our Congressperson, Niki Tsongas. These idiots really believe in global warming and all of it’s associated fake science and none of them have ever seen a tax they didn’t embrace. The carbon tax would be the moonbats panacea.

  2. Walter Knight

    With liberals every issue is about redistributing the wealth. With carbon taxes they have an opportunity to redistribute the wealth on a global scale. It’s a scam at best, treason at worse.

  3. Karen G

    I’d like to invite these azzhats to my neighborhood, where we still have over a foot of “global warming” on the ground, and more on the way…in mid-March.

  4. Casey Chapman

    global warming is just another Agenda21 scheme. Also meant to distract us while the dear leader trumps up some more commie executive order type legislation.