Chuck Schumer Twisted Arms…For A Goon!

Posted March 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

If ChuckieBoy Schumer were your garden-variety Democrat Turd in the US Senate – this almost wouldn’t be a story…..

But he’s the new Senate Minority Leader – the guy leading the anti-Trump war,  slow-walking cabinet nominations,…and demanding to know how Putin screwed Hillary out of the White House

So of course when the brand-new Trump State Department refused a tourist visa for a Showshoe runner of Muslim background and questionable associations,….

.ChuckieBoy grabbed Junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and they began to pull strings back in the US Embassy in New Delhi….

And Tanveer Hussain got to come from Kashmir to Saranac Lake for the 2017 Showshoe Championships!

Where he then may have gotten way too ‘friendly’ with a young local fan,  felt her crotch area,…..and been arrested on child sex charges…..

Back in the beginning,….of ChuckieBoy hadn’t been so intent on  

(a.) proving Trump wrong on immigration,…and 

(b.) proving that Trump was in a long-term conspiracy with Putin….

.he might have let well-enough alone,…and let the showshoe race go on without Tanveer…… Nobody would have noticed…..

But ChuckieBoy needs to make the news EVERY night…..

POOF!!   Suddenly there are old photos turning up of Schumer having coffee with Vladimir Putin….

2 Responses to “Chuck Schumer Twisted Arms…For A Goon!”

  1. Varvara

    Maybe when Chuck goes for the next set of hair plugs the MD can take time out to put some smarts in with the plugs.

  2. Mt Woman

    Ha Ha, the plugs will certainly take rapid root in Chuck’s head, why? Cuz it’s full of fertilizer!!