Posted December 15th, 2009 by Jim Ettwein

What does it mean to choose? Does a choice mean something or is it just a point in time? If you don’t even engage in choosing, have you still made a choice? What happens if you regret your choice? Do you endeavor to do better next time? Or just drop out of choosing? Are there consequences of your choice? What is your responsibility in choosing?

Many made choices in the last presidential election. We are all living with those choices right now. They chose for many reasons. None were on qualifications. Many chose a color. Many chose to show how unprejudiced they were (but, proving the opposite in the process). Many chose to show displeasure at someone or something else.

A new election is coming up soon. Have you thought about your choices?

Do you believe in your choice? What happens if you don’t choose? Is someone else choosing for you? Are you comfortable with their choice? Can you live with their choice? Can you live with yourself if they choose wrong? The choices of our past shape and mold our country for many months and years after the choices are made. Can you trust that the person you choose will make the choices you want as they serve their term?

Yes, it’s just a special election. But, it’s a special choice opportunity as well. It’s a time to show that we mean business now. The time for capricious choice is over forever. We all see how serious these choices are. We all see the stakes are at the root of our choices. We all know what we have to do.

Next month, when you go to choose (and you are going to, aren’t you?)… consider your choices wisely. Don’t vote the choice of someone else. Someone’s union choice. Someone’s party choice. Someone’s else’s choice.

Make your own choice. Based on who will do what you want them to do. Someone who will do what he or she promises, not abide by the choices of the tired, old party hacks who’ve represented us so poorly all these years.

Your choices DO have consequences. Your choices affect all of us. Your choices affect your family, your town, your state and your country.

Choose well, citizen. We’re all depending on you.

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