Cherokee Squaw Jump-um Reelection Gun

Posted January 6th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Her announce 2018 run, one year early….. Her must need-um much wampum.

She’s done nothing but squawk for 4 years,  – starts re-election run a year early,  – does she feel the need to keep her name in the media?

Somebody name one (1) single JOB that Senator Squaw has brought to Massachusetts…?

Name one (1) single Constitutional Principle that she’s stood up for…?

Besides mouthing off to the media every day,  – and hating Trump,…what’s she done for her paycheck these past 4 years?

15 Responses to “Cherokee Squaw Jump-um Reelection Gun”

  1. Kojack

    I would LOVE to see Kurt Schilling decide to run and take Lie-awatha out but just as well qualified Ann Wofford should have easily beaten un-qualified Moonbat Nikki Tsongas I won’t get my hopes up as this IS Mass-hole-achussetts.

  2. Hawk1776

    Let’s see. Donald Trump (Republican) is the President-elect. Massachusetts has no Republican Representatives, no Republican Senators, and a Governor who advertised that he didn’t vote for Trump. Dizzy Lizzie has proclaimed open war against Trump. Out of fifty states methinks Massachusetts will be last in line at the federal feeding trough. Dumber than dumb. And the real scary thing is that she taught at Harvard. What did the students get for their money?

  3. SpecialSnowflake

    Equal pay?
    Establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

    To read the 18 bills she’s sponsored or co-sponsored that are now law, go here:{%22bill-status%22:%22law%22}

    You just don’t like her for some of the same reasons you never liked Hillary: she’s a smart, powerful woman.

  4. Jim Gettens

    No, we loathe her because she’s yet another shamelessly lying, screeching, deceitful, morally bankrupt, Socialist hypocrite who’s a member of “The 1%” she demagogues against for self-serving political gain, just like Shrillary.

    Liawatha checked the “Cherokee” box on her Harvard Law School job application and leveraged her “minority member” preferential hiring status into a $400,000 salary for teaching ONE COURSE per year. She constituted a self-serving vacuum of hard-earned student tuition payments.

    OH YEAH, this ‘avatar of the 99%,’ revealed as the true greedy vulture she is, flipped foreclosed properties, repeatedly, to make a mint.

    So Liawatha co-authored 18 bills rammed through a then Democrat-controlled Congress and signed by her lying Socialist fellow traveler, the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy, to cause irreparable harm to the free market economy from which she profited so handsomely. Yeah, it all just sends tingles up my Left leg…

  5. SpecialSnowflake


    To be blunt, “screeching” is a sexist term when you use it to describe a powerful woman.

    Of course, ‘Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy’ is a list of four hyphenated words that have nothing to do with the other person I assume you’re describing, either.

    I read the National Review article you posted. There’s some smoke, but not much, and certainly no fire. Instead of relying only on a right-wing source like the National Review, I went and got the rest of the story from an actual source of journalism:

    And as for the Cherokee thing, here’s her own pretty understandable and pithy explanation of it in a 2012 ad:

    Finally, if you think Warren’s “house-flipping” (according to YOUR source, the MOST she made in total was under a quarter million dollars) or checking a potentially inaccurate box on an application once are at all equivalent to even one of Trump’s countless examples of racism, misogyny, elitism, or dangerous ignorance, you’re truly delusional.


    Guess what Snowflake….?

    I think SCREECHING describes the Cherokee Squaw – perfectly. Also “Ranting Hypocrite” and “Putrid Pussy”…..

    If – IF – she were just an honest Democrat,…I’d have a problem with her politics, but not with her as a PERSON….

    …but this SCREECHING CUNT is a baby killer….and THAT is unforgivable!

  6. Jim Gettens

    OrdinarySnowflake, in typical Lefty Totalitarian Speech/Thought Police fashion, presumes to abrogate to its metros-sexual self the authority to determine and classify terms qualifying as “sexist.” Nice try. “Screeching” describes perfectly the blackboard-scratching delivery of the Fake Indian Bitch.

    I’m not at all interested in the Fake Indian Bitch’s self-serving, 2012, years-after-the-fact attempted cover-up ad of her Harvard Law School job application fabrication. The fact is that she checked the “Native American” box to gain an unfair advantage over her competitors. That makes her Lying Hypocrite.

    Yeah, the Boston Glob is a trusted Lefty News Source, I know. If it makes you feel better reading the Glob rather than The National Review, well, then, knock yourself out. As for Fake Indian Bitch’s Oklahoma property transactions over the years, the Washington Post had a comprehensive list totaling about 25. While not all qualify as quick turnarounds, she made FAR MORE than $250,000. And, Oh Yeah, like those BIG, BAD, HEARTLESS BANKS the Fake Indian Bitch is so quick to condemn, she actually foreclosed on a couple mortgage loans she made. She’s just a Lying Hypocrite Demagogue, but I repeat myself…

    As for the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy, yeah, the description does pretty well nail down that narcissistic, lying, incompetent, cowardly, anti-Constitution, power-grabbing, no-good-son-of-a-bitch Socialist community organizer.

  7. Mt Woman

    Some of us in MA deserve better than Elizabeth Warren (and Niki Tsongas). Unfortunately MA has a stronghold on “special snowflakes” and the best we will ever do is Warren et al. So sad! The MAGOP leadership must be replaced and infused with a new spirit of inclusion and direction.

  8. SpecialSnowflake

    ‘Screeching’ isn’t a term you would use to describe any male politician. Thus, sexist. I assume, Jim, that you, too, would probably reserve the term ‘bitch’ mostly for women. Again: sexist.

    While the editorial board of the Boston Globe might be more liberal than you prefer, I can’t imagine you’d take issue with their reporters’ ability to be objective journalists. Do you think they got the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church wrong, for instance?

    Finally, just to try and put a cork on the gaslighting:
    • Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. His father was born in Kenya.
    • Barack Obama is a practicing Christian. He is not a Muslim.
    • Barack Obama is a moderate Democrat. He is not a member of the Communist Party.
    • Barack Obama brought the country back from the brink of economic collapse, ran as an underdog to become the first African-American US President, and ordered the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. He is not a pussy.


    Frankly ‘Snowflake’ – you’ve become quite BITCHY in your repeated screeching, – and Obama DIDN’T order the bin Laden raid – he was on the golf course. They called him in for the photo-op.

    Look at how scared and insignificant he looks – back in his corner – watching the raid… Hardly a leader or a commander!

    Scared Obama in the corner

  9. Jim Gettens

    Geez, Snowflake, I thought the current goal of Lefty Snowflakes and Pajama Boys was the deliberate blurring of gender lines. Aren’t your Identity Politics slogans and categories outmoded, and, therefore, your attempted application of them self-serving and misguided?

    In any event, your opinions about allegedly “sexist” terms and/or their application are hereby duly noted and…ignored.

    Isn’t it fascinating, Snowflake, that No One, reporter or otherwise, has seen Obama’s purported PAPER birth certificate purportedly on file in Hawaii?! Nor did Obama ever release to the media a certified paper copy–with raised OFFICIAL SEAL–of his birth certificate. No, the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy, instead, put out his purported birth certificate on-line. As you know well, Snowflake, e-documents are subject to all manner of fabrication and manipulation. But hey, Obama supporters are innately gullible so, please, keep harboring your illusions.

    Referring back to that link I provided above, HOW ‘BOUT that brochure put out by Obama’s publisher two decades ago that recited, EXPLICITLY, that Obama was ‘born in Kenya, son of a Kenyan finance minister.’ Obama let that stand, un-retracted and un-redacted, until he ran for president. SO, Obama was either born in Kenya or he was not. If he was not, then the brochure demonstrates that Obama is a NO-GOOD FUCKING LIAR. But of course, we knew that.

    Yes, indeed, I KNOW that Boston Globe reporters, when it comes to articles with political/governmental implications, are usually ARE NOT objective. They are Liberal hacks.
    And, yes, the Boston Globe Spotlight Team did a superb job exposing Catholic Church crimes and abuses, for which I am most grateful. In that effort the Catholic Church was the prime subject of inquiry, the historical lack of prosecutions being tangential. So your point is…???

    So you believe that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a practicing Christian. You are entitled to your delusions. We know that Barack HUSSEIN Obama started out as a Muslim. See my above-posted link. You know what happens to Muslims who renounce Islam, right? Yeah, Islam is so tolerant and inclusive that those who renounce it are declared “apostates,” and then ordered to be killed. Ever hear Barack HUSSEIN Obama renounce the Islam he started out in??? Of course not! I rest my case.

    Obama may or may not have ever been a formal Communist Party member– declaring membership would have been inexpedient given his political aspirations– but this dear friend of Weather Underground terrorists, including William Ayers, and this Saul Alinsky disciple, is most assuredly A NO-GOOD FUCKING COMMIE!

    Yeah, right, Obama brought the country back from economic collapse…by adding $10 TRILLION to the National Debt, having average annual GDP growth over 8 years at an anemic 2%, and having a record 95 MILLION Americans now out of the work force permanently according to the Bureau of Labor Statics. With stats like these, who needs another economic disaster, right???

    So Obama ordered the bin Laden raid, following through on what had been a NATIONAL GOAL TO KILL bin Laden since 11 September 2001. So what? He’s a PUSSY. He’s NEVER been in harm’s way. He NEVER served in one of the armed forces. He was too busy engaging in self-promotion, penning auto-biographical texts full falsehoods, and being a Lefty community organizer. AGAIN, he’s a PUSSY!

    Anything else you wish to say about the KENYAN-MUSLIM-COMMIE-PUSSY?

  10. Jim Gettens


    As you have doubtless noted, Snowflake, displaying what theologians may describe as “invincible ignorance,” considers the Boston Globe to be an objective, truthful news purveyor. Those of us familiar with the Boston Globe over decades–and the New York Times, and the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times–know otherwise.

    The Boston Globe is financially and morally bankrupt. It became financially bankrupt because its reporting and editorializing had such an obvious and pronounced Liberal/Socialist bias that only Democrat Party Kool-Aid Drinkers could swallow it without gagging.

    To those of us interested in, and seeking, OBJECTIVE TRUTH, the fact that the Boston Globe is on its last legs is GOOD NEWS.

    Here’s Howie Carr on the latest Boston Globe developments:


    Don’t be too harsh Jim…..

    He was likely raised locally,….steeped in liberalism,….miseducated in our local union-run public schools, – and sent off to an expensive ivy league college to complete his indoctrination….

    He probably works for government – or in the schools himself….

    AND HE’S LONELY! They are in such shock and disbelief they can’t even talk to each other without holding a puppy and still they break down in tears….

    ….so he comes twice daily to RRB to see if he can poke a stick in our eyes…..

    He has no clue how we were trained!

  11. SpecialSnowflake

    Isn’t it fascinating, Jim, that you would question the birthplace of a US President who just happens—I’m sure, just by mere coincidence—to also be our nation’s first African-American President? Race definitely has nothing to do with that, does it? Beyond placing the birth certificate in your hands, it’s safe to say that President Obama has done everything he could to assuage the conspiracy theorists out there that he is, in fact, an American, despite Trump’s efforts to foster an “otherness” about him.

    I bet you got all up in arms when the Bushes put up a big fence around their compound in Kennebunkport, right? I bet you hoped they, too, feared for their lives, just as you said you hoped President Obama WOULD FEAR FOR HIS LIFE. That’s insanity. I don’t like Donald Trump. I think he will be among our worst (or at least most ill-informed and nepotistic) Presidents. But I don’t wish him an untimely death. That would be unhinged. So is referring to actual human beings as cunts, bitches, pussies, etc. Name-calling doesn’t do your cause any favors.

    I do think it’s amusing that you think I can’t possibly live without your website. I’m not the one with apparel with the name of my blog plastered all over it. That’s…something. I’m just trying to provide you guys with another way of seeing things. Watching you react so, well, rabidly is at best entertaining and at worst deeply troubling for civil discourse in our country.

    I’m curious who exactly you guys think looks like a leader in the picture you posted above. Are you supposed to pose in a constantly-leader-like position whenever there’s a camera around? President Obama ordered a raid that was not at all guaranteed to succeed; it was a ballsy move. No, he didn’t serve in any of the armed services; neither has any other President in the last 24 years. Donald Trump received a 1-Y deferment for bone spurs in his heels, which seem magically to have healed without surgery!

    Good day to you all.

  12. Jim Gettens


    Among the many things I’ve done in life is investigate fraud in and out of Government, involving all kinds of perpetrators in all political categories and in various occupations. In those endeavors, I’ve reviewed hundreds of thousands of document pages, from medical records to billing records to employment contracts to bids and contracts to purported ‘official’ records, including birth certificates, drivers’ licenses, social security cards, and military ID cards. You wouldn’t recognize a fraud–especially of the Lefty Democrat Moonbat variety– if he/she/it bit you in the ass. The Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy is a TOTAL FRAUD, no matter what color he is.

    I’m not the Administrator or Owner of this site. The Administrator or Owner of this site appended comments to your posts and mine. I had no control over that.

    I have absolutely no use for the Bushes, considering them both to have done immeasurably harm to this great Nation through weakness and misguided policies they undertook and legislation that they signed. HOWEVER, there is no doubt that they both loved the United States and were PATRIOTS, George H.W. Bush being the youngest carrier-based combat pilot during WW II, even being shot down by the Japanese at Ichi Jima, and George W. Bush being an Air National Guard jet-fighter pilot, a very hazardous occupation. I never wished for anxiety on their part because they were PATRIOTS first and foremost.

    The Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy, on the other hand, is, essentially, a Comintern Globalist intent on subverting the United States. For 20 years he listened to Reverend Wright who yelled “God damn the United States!” He was a close friend of murderous domestic terrorists in the Weather Underground, and a Saul Alinsky disciple. Obama’s wife, Moochelle-of-the-taxpayer-subsidized-vacations, after the 2008 presidential election, harrumphed that “I was never proud of the United States until now.” My attitude toward the Obamas: they can both go to hell on a hot rail. Do I wish them physical harm? No. Do I hope that they fear for their safety? Yes. They’ve been outright subversive to the United States, its two closest allies, and to interests of the United States at home and abroad. As a consequence, they deserve to be looking over their shoulders.

    Have a nice day, and a nice life in your delusional alternative universe.

  13. Iron Mike

    As usual Jim, well said!


    Snowflake,…I’ve been thinking….

    Since your have such deeply held feelings and beliefs, – and so much to say,…and so much TIME on your hands….

    you should start your own liberal pussy mommy’s-boy blog…..

    It really doesn’t cost much (you can run ads to defray), but it DOES take time….and it will help relieve your daily Trump Stress…..

    I can’t wait to read it frankly,…and screen-print the pages to mock them here on RRB!

    Go ahead, – make my day! Put your time and your money where your mouth is!

    /s/ Iron Mike
    Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

  14. Sonny's Mom

    Oh, Elizabeth– LOVE YOUR HAT!

  15. Sonny's Mom


    Dear S.S.,

    You obviously wandered into the wrong website when you landed here. You are understandably wondering, “Gee, why are these guys so mean to me? How come they don’t love Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren like me and all my friends? What’s up with all the dirty name-calling? What did I do to deserve this?” Perhaps I can shed some light on this matter.

    You see, this blog is run by men who have proudly fought for their country. Now I’ll bet that you wouldn’t be caught dead near a military recruiting center. That’s okay, it simply means you are part of the proud 99.55% of US citizens who think it was cool to Occupy Wall Street, but feel that military service is “yucky”. In case you’re interested, here is an essay from a young veteran addressing this very common situation. (Please understand this message is actually addressed to other vets and active duty military.)

    Now that we have that little detail out of the way, let’s fast-forward to theg life of deployed military service members in-country. There is a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie, developed through overcoming seemingly impossible challenges, that is difficult-to-impossible for anyone who hasn’t lived this experience, to understand. So here is an illustration portraying the kind of attitude that goes with the territory, so to speak. Ask yourself: “What would I do if I knew ISIS was about to shoot up my front door?” These are guys who know how to get the job done!

    Then there is the logistics-and-supply angle. Ask yourself: “Could I do this?”

    Now in this highly charged, active duty environment which so many of us are fortunate to avoid… well, as you saw in photo #2, life is no picnic. And so language conventions are a bit different than the way we all learned to speak in kindergarten. Soldiers on deployment just swear a lot, that’s a fact, often stringing cuss words together in colorful and creative ways. So if you want to get a picture of what they go through, day to day, take a look at the following book (available at your public library, or on the Google Books app, and probably on its iPhone equivalent):
    House to House, by David Bellavia. Free Press (2007).

    And finally: look at it this way. Since you’ll probably never see military service, if whoever responded to you on this thread were drill sergeants in military boot camp, they would talk to you exactly the same way. Can’t speak for them, but it just may mean… that they think you got potential, kid! So cut these gentlemen some slack, thank them for serving our country, and just think of their seemingly harsh words as an “act of love”.

    Hope you read that book. Bye for now!