Charlie Baker (Tall Deval) Has NO CLUE!

Posted August 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

He has become as contrarian as John McCain and as liberal as Senator Squaw….and now his latest invisible enemies are Greenhouse Gasses.

In the midst of the coolest summer in my 37 years in New England – Charlie decides the best way to get ready for his re-election run is to cater to the mindless non-scientific goons of the Far Left.  He’s issuing more climate regulations!

Imagine…our greatest threat to life under Socialism – Greenhouse Gasses!

WoW!    Pute genius Tall Deval!

Why, – if only Muffy had know about the evils of Greenhouse Gasses back in 2006,  – we’d all have been spared those gruesome eight long years under Short Deval.

Contrarian Charlie – aka Governor Douchebag – has NO CLUE!

Trump runs against Hillary – Tall Deval refused to vote.

Trump tries to clean out MS-13,  – Tall Deval supports Sanctuary Cities.

Fentanyl is killing our citizens and poisoning our cops – Tall Deval opposed a border wall.

Trump tried to bring JOBS back to America – Tall Deval issues more regulations to keep them OUT of our state.

Trump supports our 2nd Amendment – Tall Deval does nothing to curb Maura Healey’s gun grab.

All of this would just be the usual silly political nonsense,…except that…our state ranks #49 in fiscal strength (i.e. we’re broke and going broker) – even as businesses and people keep departing the state.

It seems that Tall Deval hasn’t learned the basics of 21st Century Economics,  – that a state cannot stay afloat when the only JOBS areGovernment Jobs,  – Hospital Jobs, – University Jobs, and drug pushers….

Somebody here needs to be making stuff that other people want to buy.   WHERE are our manufacturing jobs Tall Deval…?

Democrats seem to LOVE empty factories – no traffic – no noise –  no energy requirements  –  no industrial accidents – no greenhouse gasses….

One Response to “Charlie Baker (Tall Deval) Has NO CLUE!”

  1. Hawk1776

    Massachusetts is ranked much lower than I expected. ( Illinois was ranked better than I expected (49th instead of 50). I would have liked comparisons in each category to identify the problem areas. Regardless. Massachusetts has problems. With about a 75% Democrat majority there isn’t much hope for a resolution.