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He ranks right up there with Benedict Arnold, Judas, Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama….. Damned sure he didn’t write his own speech,  – which he thinks will launch his 2020 presidential run….

There was once a time of Honor in our Military;  – a time long before pregnancy uniforms,  lactation rooms,  transgender reassignment policies,  or gay weddings in the post chapel…. Teenage American soldiers went forth to place their courage and their marksmanship between our Freedom and the hairy hordes of communism.

I take great satisfaction at having lived long enough to write THIS blog entry.  Lifelong left-wing activist / communist sympathizer and American traitor Tom Hayden died yesterday. He won’t vote next month! If you read a measure of bitterness and vitriol in my words, – that is because I lack the skills to write how I […]

He sends State Dept money (our Tax $$) to his daughter’s ‘Charity’.   Does the plan sound familiar….? You know John Kerry – the Vietnam ‘War Hero’…

Why should boxing champion Cassius Clay have been any better than the 7,115 Black troops who met their maker in Vietnam? Forgive my bitterness,  but what did America’s most high-profile [after Bill Clinton] draft dodger ever do for any of those troops after the war?

Nothing turns a boy into a man faster than the rattle of gunfire! Add the din of incoming helicopters they age even more quickly…

Jesuit priest Daniel Berrigan – together with his brother Philip – were “anti-war activists” in the late 60s – helping to contribute to the erosion of American resistance to communist military expansionism in Southeast Asia. I rejoice at his death,  which at age 94 was much too peaceful.  If you weren’t around for the 60s […]

They turned a noble cause and a worthy charity into their personal golden cow,  and they milked it for years. Trusting donors were bilked and wounded heroes were betrayed. There is a special hell for those – in uniform or in authority – who betray the public trust and betray our troops.  Steven Nardizzi and […]

Trump Makes TV Crews Pan The Room

December 23rd, 2015

It’s sure been looking like a media conspiracy – not showing the size of his rallies…  Finally in Grand Rapids,   Donald had had enough…. The full hour….

They were much different times,  – and I was lucky enough to live then,  – and to serve and march with some of America’s greatest heroes…. Over four decades of soldering,  none of them influenced me more than a young 2nd Lieutenant in the old 506th ABG, – Larry Redmond.