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We’re to believe that young Andrew is just 19…. Somehow he didn’t learn his 10 Commandments at home – nor did he learn anything about honor. This smart-aleck prick was registering dead people – dead veterans – to vote in Harrisonburg Virginia.

America got screwed again tonight.   Somehow the once-trusted Fox network managed to stage a fake debate. My wife – a trained attorney – noticed it first,  – Hillary was reading certain answers…

Her dear friend Matt Lauer was tossing NERF BALL QUESTIONS,  – so why did she need somebody to feed her answers? The so-called “Smartest Woman in the World” can’t think on her feet?

OK,  – after a war or two,  – and eight years of Obama, –  there is a dark humor closet deep in my brain.  Last night somebody opened it,  – and I thought I’d mess with some LibTurd heads….because it’s so easy…. “Trump Flies to Mexico – Meets President Enrique Peña Nieto:  Two agree to […]

Great speeches last night from Pastor Mark Burns, Peter Thiel, Ivanka and her dad! Full speech below the fold:

…what led Micah Johnson to such a pathetic and savagely wasted life? If he was committed to saving Black lives,  why wasn’t Micah standing in front of Planned Parenthood trying to save Black babies?   Why, instead of returning home a combat hero from Afghanistan,  – did he return as an army reject with charges of sexual […]

Trump seems to be conducting his VP search a little like his Apprentice TV show – giving a number of potential VPs a chance for face time,  and for him to see how they handle themselves as a team member. Yesterday in Cincinnati Newt was up at bat. There are at least a dozen worthy […]

In 2008 and early 2009 he promised to “…fundamentally change our country”.   Has he succeed – even beyond his own dreams…?  Has Free Enterprise and Constitutional Rule of Law been broken beyond repair? Will we salvage our Republic in November;  – or have we already slid too far down the slippery slope into socialism?

Why should boxing champion Cassius Clay have been any better than the 7,115 Black troops who met their maker in Vietnam? Forgive my bitterness,  but what did America’s most high-profile [after Bill Clinton] draft dodger ever do for any of those troops after the war?

This little video made my morning! I hope it curdles Hillary’s blood….if she has any blood…