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25 years in government…..7 on Beacon Hill and now 16 in Congress,  and this pot-smoking drunk, – former Union President turned lawyer,  – who never served a day in uniform,  – is suddenly using sick veterans as political stepping stones. Where was your ‘concern’ these past 25 years Stephen?

Wise workers know that long-term job security can’t be bought with union dues;  – it comes from repeat orders from satisfied customers! Boeing has received 149 orders from nine airlines across the globe.  No union can deliver that kind of job security!

Border Patrol Getting New Boss

January 27th, 2017

They were quick to endorse Candidate Trump;  – now they get their reward,  – their despised Obama-appointed outsider boss has been booted! And it sure didn’t take long – just 7 days.

Trump Starts A Union Sea Change

January 23rd, 2017

“And….on the Fourth Day”,…Trump held a meeting with Labor Union Leaders,  – almost all who had publicly backed Hillary… It seems a little straight talk (as opposed to standard Democrat bullshit) won them over.  Short video below:

Like lemmings,  – or moths to the flame,  – they came to Newton South High to listen to yet another Kennedy bamboozle them for future votes.   They’re MoonBats,  – they’ve been doing it for generations;  – they know no other way of thinking. And young JPK III was in full “Rock Star mode”;  – he […]

Donald Trump Can Only Buy Us Time

November 15th, 2016

There is a wide difference between stupid and willfully ignorant.  Most Democrats are the latter, – willfully ignorant, deliberately uninformed, and determined to vote for what feels good, – while ignoring the consequences. But they tend to breed,  – and their numbers grow over and above the babies they kill each year in abortion clinics.  […]

School Teacher Alert

November 14th, 2016

We always hope our public school teachers (99% union members) will conduct themselves professionally and to the highest ethical standards.   But many don’t! Over these next few days,  weeks and months,  be sure your kids are alert to any Trump-hating coming from school teachers,   – and be ready to stomp on it! The teacher unions dumped […]

Dear Lord Thank You, Thank You!

November 9th, 2016

Our Benghazi Dead have been Avenged! Once again God has smiled upon our young Republic!  America’s forgotten middle class and our long-abused union workers have revolted,  seen through the lies,  – and overturned the Clinton Cartel and their allied corrupt left-wing media.  Our long national nightmare – the Obama era – is almost over!  Dear God,  […]

We’ve been draining jobs overseas,  while growing government.   Trump is right – it cannot continue. No-clue Democrats always reply:  “The Government can always print more money”.

Petty, stupid, malicious, and smug, – the Democrats of Acton Mass defiantly want to kill babies,  – give sanctuary to Muslims and Mexicans,  – and legalize drugs,…all while raising your taxes to provide four free local bus ‘services’. After doing three Trump standouts yesterday,  – I came home to one of their typical political statements […]