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Thank GOD!  We have a President who likes us again!

Looks like some of Soros’ goons.   What does “Black Lives Matter” have to do with elementary education? This leftist resort to thuggery is exactly why Trump was elected!

The strangle-hold of the Teacher Unions on FULL display! Fifty (50) of the very worst ‘senators’ that union dues can buy!

The Mainstream Media outlets were bragging about how ‘peaceful’ the anti-Trump protesters were on Friday and Saturday….. Well, ~ maybe ~ this was “just an isolated incident”…?

How many Democrats can even explain the Feast of the Epiphany?  They don’t read the Bible any more than they do our Constitution… If it is to survive,  the American Democrat Party needs an epiphany of their own – and FAST!

At dawn on 8 February 1904,  the Japanese Fleet under Admiral Togo Heihachiro sailed into Port Arthur Russia, – leveled their guns, – and sunk the Russian Pacific Fleet at anchor. It was a sneak attack without a declaration of war.  In under two years they were the undisputed winner. It taught them a bad […]

He stormed onto the World Stage as a “Liberating Freedom Fighter”,  – then he told us he was really a Communist,  – and very anti-American….(because he needed a bogyman to blame). His last ride out of Havana was emblematic of the failures of his ruthless tyrannical attempts to improve the lives of the Cuban people.

School Teacher Alert

November 14th, 2016

We always hope our public school teachers (99% union members) will conduct themselves professionally and to the highest ethical standards.   But many don’t! Over these next few days,  weeks and months,  be sure your kids are alert to any Trump-hating coming from school teachers,   – and be ready to stomp on it! The teacher unions dumped […]

George Soros OWNS Portland Oregon

November 13th, 2016

Underestimate the evil,  the cunning,  and the financial power of this man at your peril.  He has all but shut down a major US city by inciting and paying for 4 nights of anti-Trump riots. If Soros is successful,  – this anti-Trump movement will spread nationwide,  and dog every day of Trump’s presidency.  There seems […]

Happy Veterans Day 2016 America!

November 11th, 2016

Who knows what the number 117,465 represents? Who knows why Veteran’s Day is November 11th?