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In the sick twisted world of California Enviro-Nazis,  – tearing up a golf course owned by Donald Trump is ‘justified’…? They claim to be outraged that “…a beautiful stretch of land was turned into a playground for the rich, calling it an environmental crime…”.

Her Pretty Face Hides A Sick Mind

February 22nd, 2017

Another disturbing story about how age-old hatreds are alive and festering,  – often right out in the open,…or in this case,…teaching at a preschool. If the initial reporting is accurate – the lady in question was a student at Univ Texas Arlington,  and was a teacher at a local preschool.  It seems her social media […]

Quick relief for Bernie and Hillary supporters…

When you’re my age,  – and have grown old listening to race-baiters like of Jesse Jackson,  Al Sharpton,  and Louis Farrakhan;  – a man like Elbert Guillory pierces the sound barrier with a spell-binding quality. Here is a man who understands our country, our history,…and the evil movement now threatening us.

How desperate is College President Paula A. Johnson? She has ‘invited’ ( had her arm twisted? ) Hillary Clinton to address the graduating class of 2017.   What measure of ‘Success’ can Hillary talk about?

The Mainstream Media outlets were bragging about how ‘peaceful’ the anti-Trump protesters were on Friday and Saturday….. Well, ~ maybe ~ this was “just an isolated incident”…?

This time it’s the big-eared 22-year old grandson of Bobby,….former summer flame of Taylor Swift, – arrested for a drunken brawl outside an Aspen, Colorado bar. You’d think with all that Kennedy money,  the surly brat could at least afford a barber,  and a better wardrobe….?  The Clan Attorneys are enroute!    Are his ears bigger […]

Our colleges are deliberately dumbing themselves down to the lowest common denominator. Imagine a Degree in History – without US History?  Oh yeah!

Our Republic Is Saved!

December 12th, 2016

Too good not to share,  – the Patriot’s home on Route 2A in Littleton.   During the campaign he had a huge Trump sign up! Yup,  we’ve sure dodged a bullet!   Of course…Trump cannot ‘save’ America;  – he can just buy us some time.   WE must save our Republic.   We are surrounded by 62 million mindless […]

Here’s to all the Millennials still in grief over Hillary.  Please don’t let them drink and drive….