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I’ve known this fine young man for years – he is always there when Liberals are trying to trample our rights, – and when crooks running for public office need to be faced down. Imagine my anguish to learn that as a result of Mayor Marty Walsh’s unfounded lies,  – Brandon had lost his job.  […]

Remember back in 2009 when the new Obama Cartel of young geniuses said there was a health care crisis….with “millions dying in the streets”…? And Obama assured you that you could keep your doctor and keep your insurance company…?  And us ‘mean uncaring Republicans’ warned you that it was all a hoax…? Did you really […]

The worst president in our history was given yet another stage,  another microphone,  and another teleprompter last night… This graceless bastard child of a communist pornographer just cannot fade quietly away.  Tens, – maybe hundreds of thousands – have died because he wanted to prove “he was so much smarter than Bush”…    5 killed […]

They call themselves “anti-Fascists”;   but they’re using the exact tactics of Hitler and his SA Storm Troopers…. It seems they don’t understand the difference between “Free Speech” and violence and assault,…and terrorism.

The outgoing would-be dictator thought he was the “Leader of the Government”.   He intended to make significant changes,  – and he had higher ambitions. Our new President understands he is OUR leader,   – that our nation is in crisis and being invaded by both poor Mexican peasants and 7th Century religious killers.   He seems to […]

Here’s to all the Millennials still in grief over Hillary.  Please don’t let them drink and drive….

WoW! It’ pretty clear she hasn’t been taking the pulse of Americans,…say since 1992… Watch before she twists arms to have it taken down….

The complete and utter disgrace that an American pResident spoke these words…. Hillary – given the chance – will carry on this evil….

For our young Harry Potter millennials – there is anger as Hillary’s inevitability begins to sink in ahead of next Tuesday. Raised on belief in Dumbledore,  and lacking any historical context to measure and judge either Hillary or Bernie,  – they’d come to believe that Bernie could actually wipe out their college debt  – and get […]