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They’ve lost friends, classmates and heroic teachers, – and they’re scared shitless.   So they’re blaming GUNS and the NRA.   It’s all they’ve learned from their union teachers for the past 8 to 12 years of their lives. They haven’t a clue about who founded the NRA – or why.   They can’t tell you about […]

While the usual liberal voices are again evangelizing against GUNS,  – and in particular against those scary-looking “ASSAULT WEAPONS”,  – it seems the Broward County School Board’s 2013 decision helped lead to the Douglas High massacre. Once again a liberal feel-good decision has led to DEATH!

In the end it doesn’t matter what motivated Devin Patrick Kelley Sunday morning.  What matters is that he was able to enter a church armed,  shoot up the congregation,  and exit – before being stopped by sheer chance – by an armed citizen. Once again we’ve seen a soft target – a church full of […]

Gun-Free Kill Zone – NO MORE!

February 5th, 2016

RRB congratulates the Okay Public School System for their wisdom and courage to face real-world threats with the only working solution. The only thing that can stop a goon with a gun – is a courageous patriot – with a gun!

It’s tough not to admire the courage of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz. While some of her past cases have come with controversy,  – she did get the Death Penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,  – she put Whitey Bulger away,  and now she’s rounding up MS-13 – the most dangerous street gang in the Western Hemisphere.

Common Core’s Evil Exposed!

January 22nd, 2016

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas strike again – and some of the evil people who’ve been pushing Common Core into your schools have been caught on tape. Video [a little jumpy] below the fold.  If you have kids or grand-kids  – you need to understand the level of EVIL that Common Core is…

A Black middle schooler in Austin Texas has so much respect for America’s First Black President – that she is inspired to dance…. We could only wish that was behind this behavior….

The daycare center at Bridgewater State is at the center of yet another unnecessary and preventable scandal.  A 21-yr old student teacher / daycare worker has been charged with child rape, and the center operator placed on leave amid allegations of cover-up. But if you pay attention to the news,  these crimes against kids – […]

Once-proud American Patriots who stood by FDR and Harry Truman – even JFK – have seen their Party and their Legacy disappear.  Who stole it? This Ayers-Soros-Pelosi-Hillary-Obama party is nothing like the Democratic Party which fought for union rights in the 1920s and 30s. It’s nothing like the party of FDR who mobilized against Hitler’s […]

He is interrupted twice by protestors, – never loses focus. If you’re a gun-hating liberal – you NEED to listen to this!